Verizon Sends Out Motorola Droid 2 Global Emails, Probably as Good of an Official Announcement as Any



At this point we are flat-out convinced that Verizon never intends to “officially” announce the Motorola Droid 2 Global by way of press release, and that’s fine. We can deal with that. The phone has already been on sale through VZW, and after an outing on Facebook customers signed up to the Droid email list are starting to receive inbox fodder featuring the beefed up, global Droid.

Pretty anti-climactic, but perhaps Verizon is trying to downplay the shift to the Droid 2 Global to avoid customer confusion after the standard Droid 2 came out only a handful of months ago. But to get inside the head of a mobile carrier marketing grunt would be an exercise in self-torture, so I will spare myself for now.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. Maybe they don’t want to make early adopters angry or they want to prevent them from wanting to return/exchange their phones.

  2. When is it in Stores? I want to hold it in my hand and see the colors before buying.

  3. I’ve seen “Droid Does Global” on the electronic billboard on my way to work a couple times in the past week. It pictures the Pro and Droid 2 underneath.

    Seeing that billboard at all is something of a feat, so may have been there even longer.

  4. When is it in Stores?

  5. its there now, I bought one today. Odd though, the store employee didn’t even know they had them, I had to tell her.

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