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Dell now has the HTC Droid Incredible for sale at the price of free after a new two-year activation via their website. Actually it’s a bit more than free. Not only will shipping and activation fees be waived, but Dell will pay you with a $25 gift card to take the phone off their hands. While in terms of shelf life the Incredible is getting a bit old, it still ranks right up there with the best Android handsets offered through Verizon. If you have been waiting for an excuse to snag one up this is definitely it. Hit up Dell’s store now.

[via AndroidCommunity]

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  1. Kinda Weird, but ok. Still enjoying my pre-official release date DInc with custom ROM’s :D

  2. So is dell telling us htc is better then their own fone?!?!….

  3. Interesting

  4. Droid Incredible is still an awesome ass phone, and will be until the dual-processor 2.3 phones come out next year

  5. That ought to clear up any confusion about dells commitment to android.

  6. this is a good deal que no? just ordered one for my fiancee

  7. Why… are they giving away their competitors phone with a $25 dollar gift card?

  8. You can also get it for free from Wirefly PLUS you get 5,000 Amtrak Guest Rewards Points :)

  9. For those who are surprised to see DELL selling HTC phones :
    Dell has been selling smart phones for years, I’ve found some of the best deals for Nokia phones through them. Besides, they don’t have a direct competitor for the incredible anyways, streak is aimed at a different market segment and their other offerings are low end devices.

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