HTC PB92300 Crosses the FCC, Could it Be a Dual-Camera HTC Aria?


Another HTC smartphone has made its way to the FCC, and while not much is known about the phone from the listing itself we can make a few speculations. It will feature both front and rear cameras, GSM/EDGE at 850 and 1900MHz, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, and should feature Android. Given HTC has requested confidentiality until spring of next year, we might not know anytime soon.


But over at AndroidCommunity they took the yellow color of the FCC label and ran with it, matching it up quite nicely to a similarly cut label for the HTC Aria. Could it be that this is the Euro-spec Aria now featuring dual-cameras? Or some sort of Aria 2? Based on this comparison alone I’d say it’s likely it will be a similar form-factor.


[via AndroidCommunity]

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  1. The aria is a pretty damn good phone aside from one missing feature, an ARMv7 cpu. It’s the only thing holding it back from being a flash 10.1 capable phone. The current cpu performs great, there are never any stutters or any lag. It just doesn’t have the instruction set necessary to run flash 10.1. Hopefully this new one will have a next generation 800mhz ARMv7 snapdragon like the g2 does.

  2. It’s just another POS Aria same size screen slow processor will not be getting it on my next upgrade.

  3. The current cpu performs great…

  4. Aria is a great phone…..for At&t. But that Bullshit screen would never see light of day on Sprint or VZW

  5. Thank you very much! it really helped me …
    What do you think Android is better than Symbian?

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