Verizon Black Friday Deals Include Free LG Vortex, Samsung Continuum for $99, and BOGA Offer


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Can you feel the excitement curdling in your blood for Black Friday? I sure can’t, but if you are the type who loves subjecting yourself to masochistic holiday shopping it’s only fair to let you in on all the deals. The latest list of holiday specials comes from Verizon who will be offering many an Android phone at discount this weekend.

The LG Vortex drops to the low price of free on contract tomorrow (with $100 rebate) and Friday (sans rebate), the Samsung Continuum goes to $99 starting tomorrow (after rebate), and the HTC Droid Incredible drops to $149. The Incredible (as well as the Samsung Fascinate and standard Droid 2) is being offered with a BOGA (buy one get any phone of equal or lesser value free) deal, which could net you multiple slick Android devices at a steal of a deal.  Full sales info:

Black Friday and Black Friday Weekend only! See the special pricing and promos for VZW devices.
Let the holiday shopping begin!
Black Friday Specials:
· LG Vortex: FREE ($100 MIR) (11/25-11/26) – Instant Rebate on 11/26 only
· Samsung Continuum: $99 ($100 MIR) (11/25-11/26)
· BlackBerry Bold: $49 ($100 MIR) (11/25-11/26)
Plus, on Black Friday (11/26) ONLY, Buy any of the above devices, and Get a FREE Jawbone Icon Hero – a $100 value! (while supplies last).

Black Friday Specials Weekend Specials (11/25 – 11/29): Android
Droid Incredible $149 ($100 MIR) BOGA
Droid2 $149 ($100 MIR) BOGA
Droid2 Global $199 ($100 MIR)
Droid X $199 ($100 MIR)
Droid Pro $179 ($100 MIR)
Motorola Citrus $29 ($100 MIR)
LG Ally $99 ($100 MIR)
LG Vortex $79 ($100 MIR) (11/27-11/29)
Sam Continuum $199 ($100 MIR) (11/27-11/29)
Sam Fascinate $199 ($100 MIR) BOGA

[via DroidLife]

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  1. Pardon my ignorance, but with a BOGA offer – I have an upgrade available for the secondary line on a Family Share.
    Is there any way for me to take advantage of a BOGA? If I upgrade the 2nd line can I get a free phone for my wife? Would I be able to transfer the upgrade to her line and do it that way? It’s just hard to know what is available on such an upgrade compared to a primary line or a new contract. Thanks.

  2. “Droid X $199 ($100 MIR)” does that mean $99 after rebate? because if not, that is the current price without any special… it says “Black Friday Specials Weekend Specials (11/25 – 11/29): Android – Droid X $199 ($100 MIR)” thx

  3. Buy One Get Any other phone for free…

  4. Sorry but I still think most black friday items are not really worth the stress of crazy shopping. Companies inflate prices before black friday then bring down the price for black friday.Ive seen it with Target and Walmart already.

  5. I wish I had an upgrade available, I’d snag that Continuum.

  6. @icu
    In order to get the upgrade price all lines that will be upgraded must be eligible for an upgrade unless you are adding a new line, then you can use the bogs towards the eligible line you have

  7. Thanks roger – that’s what I figured (getting a BOGA for my wife would justify my purchase a bit better).
    I really don’t get why they are discounting the Continuum so heavily. Perhaps it’s flopping? I’d so much rather have a Fascinate. Do I want it $100 more? I dunno.

  8. riz

    That’s correct…the Droid X will be the same price this weekend that it is every other day of the year. Same with most of their other “deals.”

  9. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t it BOGO? Buy one get one free…what the heck is BOGA “buy one get one At a really good price?”

  10. is the boga any phone, or does it have to be of equal or lesser value. for instance if buy the droid incredible would i be able to get droid x

  11. I’m asking the same question as Riz is. Cuz at that point its not a sale at all.

  12. or as we say in the UK, BOGOFF

    (second F is implied)

  13. Anyone know if these deals will be offered online?

  14. Damn. Depressing that there is no HTC Merge on there. Not a damn clue when we are ever going to see that phone!

  15. none of these are worth it, dell has the droid inc is free

  16. If you want to take advantage of a Buy one Get one (Bogo) offer, you have to have at least 2 lines eligible to upgrade.

    Not sure why people think special pricing means flops, but ok. It’s Black friday folks. Do you actually need to be reminded about special pricing?

    Flop vs biggest shopping day of the year for the best prices. I almost want to ask if you require special assistance getting dressed in the morning. Oops, I just did. My bad…

  17. Re: the Droid X deal… I spoke to Verizon customer service last night and the DX will be selling for $199 with a $100 MIR, so the final net price is $99. Seems like a pretty good deal to me.

  18. I think it is laughable that Verizon has this Black Friday sale. The price of the phone is a mere afterthought when you are expected to pay close $100+ every month for their service for Droids. Give me a Black Friday deal that includes a 15% discount off of my monthly service fee for the entire length of my contract, then we can talk.

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