Withings WiScale App Now Available for Android


Have you ever wanted a scale that could weigh you and send your weight information to your phone, to your friends, and ultimately, to the cloud? (Sorry for that stupid Windows 7 reference.) Withings has an internet-ready scale for you and it’s now accompanied by an Android app. The once iPhone-exclusive app will get all of the details it can muster from your daily weighings: your weight, body fat percentage, etc., and can send that information to your phone to keep you up to date on your progress and helps make life easier on you. The scale itself can be had in white and black for $159.00, but we hear knowing the right people can get you a 15% discount.


Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I think if I stand on my phone it might break.

  2. Well, it’s worthless, unless you eat more than move… Unfortunately it’s mostly a case in US…

  3. @vertig0730
    That’s what I was thinking. How long before someone tries to use the app to weigh themselves and stands on their phone?

  4. $159 scale would have to perform liposuction, muscle toning and handjobs before I’d buy it.

  5. @Simon
    I second that my good sir!! hahaha

  6. Energy in – Energy out = the amount of mass your body will maintain… how about an app that notifies your friends and family every time you eat fast food, haha.

  7. What’s wrong with reading your weight on a standard scale that you can buy for $15? Why would you want to be able to send your information to anyone? This looks like a lot of good developer time going to waste.

  8. i guess people are all muscle and fat… humans do have other parts in like bones that add weight

  9. @Droidman. Um thats why it says lean mass rather than muscle.

  10. good point i didnt think of it that way

  11. @simon: lipo and muscle toning? I don’t care about those…

  12. Is this a joke, $159 to advertise to people your weight? Could people not just email a spread sheet? I think a developer got the wrong meaning from the TV show’s title The Biggest Loser!

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