Slice It! Comes to Android by way of GetJar


Another popular iOS game – Slice It! (Complete with exclamation mark.) – has made its way to Android, today, and can be found for free on GetJar’s site.  (This isn’t just a trial version, either, a trend that may get popular as iOS developers test out new revenue models for the hard-to-crack Android market.) Taking a look at iOS gameplay, Slice It! is more than just a mindless slashing game. (No offense, Fruit Ninja.)

You use your fingers to solve puzzles by “connecting dots” and by “slicing paper.” I can’t get a hands-on idea of it myself considering I can’t find my phone at the moment, but it’s free, so why not give it a shot yourself to see if it’s something you can get into? Head over to GetJar now for the download. [via AG]

[Update]: Some of you are having trouble getting the application to download to your phone using GetJar’s SMS Link. I’m even having a hell of a time finding it by manually searching GetJar from my phone. Unfortunately, you’ll have to download the .apk to your computer and transfer it to your SD card to install this one. And for AT&T phone users, that means you won’t be able to do that unless you’re rooted and your ROM enables you to do so. Or you could use the Sideload Wonder Machine, courtesy of our friends over at Android Central.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Does it seem available for EVO? How is that possible running the latest version of Android???

  2. Sorry…DOESN’T seem available. Boo.

  3. What sort of Android Phan cant find their phone?!? Tut.

  4. UPDATE: Seemed to work downloading apk instead of doing it via text for EVO.

  5. No compatible version for the Incredible?

  6. Greg, where did you get the apk? Im in the same boat over here.

  7. Ace. Quentyn can’t find his phone. Don’t tell the Apple fans or they’ll be all over it with the new-iOS-Where’s-My-iPhone-bollarxley.

  8. Sorry about that. Post updated with the link direct to GetJar.

  9. I’m having the same issue with an Epic 4G (not the lost phone part, the SMS not working).

    It specifically says on the web page that it’s a compatible phone but when I click the SMS link it comes up and says there isn’t a compatible version?!

  10. I had to set my browser agent to computer to get the game to show in search results, and then download the apk. The sms does not work as it IDs your phone model and says and thinks it wont work.

  11. yea you are going to want to download the apk then use app installer.

  12. Yup says not available/compatible for Motorola Droid either. Boo.

  13. Download the .apk and sideload it onto your phone that way, don’t worry about the SMS link part. It works when you sideload it. Its an interesting game. Pretty hard to get those percentages equal on some of these. Thanks for the tip! Getjar needs a store front for Android so you can search, download, and install directly. Are there any apps like that out there??

  14. I can’t seem to find it anywhere. I tried searching for and I get no zero search results. Does anyone have the same problem.

  15. I can’t give a hands-on impression either because it’s not compatible with the Droid X (despite the actual page saying to). It won’t download via GetJar from my phone.

  16. Says not compatible with Samsung Fascinate. Sad face

  17. edit: setting browser to desktop and downloading the apk work fine on the Fascinate

  18. why would any developer trying to make money make it this difficult to get the app. Why not just put it on the android market so there is no loading .apk files or anything. Am i missing something or does it just seem dumb to release an app like this?

  19. Here it is on my Dropbox public folder:

    All I did was downloaded it to my PC, saved it in my Dropbox folder and then installed it from Dropbox. The public link should directly download on your handsets tho.

  20. Getjar is worthless. There’s always an issue when an app (angry birds, prime example) is released on their site rather than the market. Just release the damn apps in the market, until getjar can get their crap together. And even when that happens, release it in the market, that’s what it’s there for.

  21. Thank Andrew (#10), I set my phone browser to not load mobile pages, and was able to download it on my incredible…download and install worked great. Off to the crapper to play it!

  22. Here is a megaupload mirror guys as a lot of my friends are having trouble on Getjar :/


    Enjoy, btw great game and runs well on SGS! :D

  23. Thanks ckeegan!

  24. Don’t do the SMS method, just set your phone to view full websites, (not mobile sites), click the link above in the article, and choose to download the file directly. You can then install. It worked very simply on my HTC incredible.

  25. Stupid site. Says no compatible version for the Streak, but works just fine after moving it to my sd card from my pc and installing it.
    Game scales fine to the screen, only the ads at the bottom don’t scale correctly, but who cares about the ads?

  26. This direct apk file download link worked for my Epic, just grabbed the link from the page where it prompts you to download direct to your computer:

  27. hey guys – this link works

  28. The developer, Com2us, doesn’t seem to understand Android permissions. This game wants a number of ridiculous permissions: Course and Fine location, Change Wifi State, Retrieve running applications.
    I actually bought another game from these same people. Then they released an update that suddenly wanted location (including GPS). I emailed them asking WTF. There response was “our app doesn’t use GPS. that must be something else on your phone”. I repeatedly tried to explain that they were building the package requesting location permissions (regardless of whether they were using them or not). They just don’t get it!

  29. Looks pretty stupid to me. But I said that before I played Angry Birds. Needless to say I have played that game for hours. Anyone’s guess for right now.

  30. Just curious about all of the security privileges. That is a bunch for a simple game.

    1.Go to this Phandroid page.
    2.Set browser to ‘desktop’ or uncheck ‘mobile view’
    3.Click on the link provided.
    4.When the page loads, you should be looking at the full site, and then answer which phone you have.
    5.A box will pop up in the center of the page asking for your cell number for the text. *DO NOT CHOOSE*
    6.Instead, go to the bottom-right corner and select ‘Download to your computer.’
    7.The .apk will load to your device, all you will need to do is open and install it.

  32. I reported it to GetJar. We’ll see what they do about it…

  33. @ ChzClout, thanks, I don’t know what the hell was wrong with getjar, I searched it, clicked links…it never even showed up at all. Odd.
    D2 stock rooted 1.35 GHz

  34. Works great on Galaxy S.

  35. Shows ads for other games but only available for iPhone and iPad lol.

  36. There is no Exit button and Back button doesn’t work. I guess I have to endtask it.

  37. Call me when it gets in the app store.

  38. Worked fine for me. Downloaded to evo using

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