NOOK for Android Updated to 2.4, Brings Highlighting, Note Taking, Book Browsing


Barnes & Noble may have their NOOKcolor eReader out and ready to impress, but they aren’t going to leave their Android application for all devices out of the mix, just as promised. The NOOK eReading application has just been upgraded to version 2.4 and brings three important features: the ability to highlight within a book, the ability to take notes within a book, and the ability to browse the NOOK book store from which you buy your books. All sounds like standard stuff that should keep it on level playing field with B&N’s competitors as even more competition heads into the Android market before the end of this year.

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[via Android Community]

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  1. This is great and I appreciate the update (B&N). But where is the bookmark update? I want to be able to pick up where I left off between my phone, nook, and computer.

  2. Does 2.4 even exist? I thought 2.3 isn’t even out yet … and that it’s going to 3.0 after that.

  3. Does anyone else’s App force close whenever you try to load up a sideloaded ePub file? Makes this app pretty useless for me.

  4. are they going to release this to nookcolor as well?

  5. nook color does all of this out of the box

  6. When are they going to support books bought from Barnes and Nobles site? After buying more than 100 books there over the years (Palm, Windows Mobile, Android), I don’t want to see my library investment thrown away by B&N not supporting a format that they themselves control.

    Until the Nook app supports my books, I’m sticking with the Kindle App on my Droid. Leaving customers out in the cold is no way to build brand loyalty.

  7. @Damon,

    It should be in this update, as the actual Nook update that just rolled out yesterday touts that ability. For whatever reason, I’m having issues getting my Nook to download anything in spite of being connected to my work apartment’s wireless router.

  8. I updated to the 2.4 on my Galaxy Tab now can not open any books. I uninstalled and could read my books. Reinstalled and same error. Repeated process over 2 days to rule out ‘glitchy’ or ‘buggy’ one time errors. Is the 2.4 compatible with the Galaxy Tab? Anyone having any errors? To be sure, the app opens and I can select the library icon. The book list populates but when I select one, just a white screen with the spinning circle but no completion.

  9. I have added an eBook I bought online to my “nook” app on my computer. It is in the “my stuff” section. How can i import / view this on the nook app on my phone?

  10. They *really* need to add newspaper and magazine support to their Android app. They already have it for PC and iPad. Give the onslaught of Android tablets we’re about to see, it would only make sense.

    Here’s hoping for it! :)

  11. Sid- all my books from bn site came over to my library, i just had an out of date cc and had to update. I have a Galaxy tab, I cant highlight or search, anyone with a tab able to do this? It works freezes sometimes, but I also experienced this with my itouch (BN Reader) that is one of the reasons i switched ereaders to kindle or now aldiko. when i tried to load epubs through usb, to nook document folder. when i tried to open them up the book auto loaded and opened in aldiko… any reason why? Still is really unstable, but wanted to give it another try.

  12. @Kathy – hold you finger on the screen where you want to highlight – a little “follow” bubble pops up scroll and highlight what you need. Then let go and it will give you the option of highlighting, add note, etc.

  13. I installed it on my G1 and almost every book works except the Demigod Files. I purchased it on my fiance’s nook and for some reason when I open it on my android app it force closes.

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