T-Mobile Launches HSPA+ in 8 New Markets



T-Mobile’s started this Tuesday off with 8 rounds of HSPA+ “4G” launches and those of you living in the following cities can enjoy high-speed data on your T-Mobile G2s and your MyTouch 4Gs:

Detroit, Mich.; Grand Junction, Colo.; Harlingen, Texas; Lafayette and South Bend, Ind.; Montgomery, Ala.; Roanoke-Lynchburg, Va. and Youngstown, Ohio.

This brings the total number of markets up to 80, and we’re sure they’re far from done. (Especially knowing that they’ll be upgrading HSPA+ in 2011 to deliver speeds up to 42Mbps, per the press release we’re referencing.) Go ahead and see if you can pull an HSPA+ signal down if you’re in one of these cities.

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  1. Great news for this cities. I’m surprised Detroit took this long. I Live in Huntsville which has had HSPA+ for a while. Speeds are screaming on my MT4G most of the time.

    Also, first.

  2. Why don’t they try to bring hspa to the rest of their network instead of upgrading from hspa to hspa+ in select locations. I for one am fine with hspa speeds. As long as I actually see 1mbps+ speed on my phone it won’t make a difference in my day to day use how much faster than 1mbps it is.

    I do notice a difference between 1mbps and EDGE’s max speed of 160 kbps which I usually never actually get on edge. Stop with the bull crap build out your damn hspa network.

  3. @Ehhhh
    I am not surprised Detroit took this long. We don’t get much love in Detroit from any of the mobile phone companies.

  4. 3.5 – 5Mbps all day everyday in Kansas City

    Sprints “4G” speeds for free on my 3G Samsung Vibrant.

  5. You got to love T-Mobile. My N1 has gotten a nice speed boost automatically. Also, they did’t charge you more for faster speeds like Sprint.

    I would have bought a Samsung Epic 4G or Sprint EVO if Sprint didn’t tax you for speeds they don’t provide in your area. They give you some lame comment that you will be downloading more multimedia, but they have other non-4G devices capable of doing the same thing (like the Hero).

  6. So this IS supposed to improve speeds of older phones too, right? Just to to a limit of 7.2mbits (physical limit of most 3g phones)

    I’ve heard a lot of mixed statements, but I’m in montgomery and my n1 is capping out at around 600-800mbits, where it has peaked at around 1.5 in the same apartment. (long before the hspa+ upgrade)

  7. @ Mike L. I can tell a MASSIVE difference between 1mbps max (when i’m on hspa) and 6+ mbps (when i’m on HSPA+).

  8. Looks like my ping has decreased by about 100-150 ms, though. That’s nice, means faster web browsing overall, plus better ping in pocket legends :)

  9. Sprint sucks plain and simple. They have a great device on the EVO but they are taking too long to implement 4g in a lot of major cities. I know this is not 123 and it takes time, but you were the carrier advertising “The 1st 4G company in the states”.

    Guess What? T-Mobile is working quietly and more efficient.
    And now they are taking the Nexus S. Good Luck to the rest of the carriers.

  10. Damn T-mobile FTW, they currently have 16 devices including the Galaxy Tab that are capable of 7mbps or faster. Now all I need is my damn Nexus S already.

  11. Please these are NOT anything resembling major cities.
    Grand Junction = 50 thousand residents – pffff…

  12. Detroit is dying as fast as any city is growing. Ha

  13. We shouldn’t care about the name, instead we should focus on the user experience. Why does anyone care about the phone/carrier/OS?

    I want fast web browsing, stutter free video streaming, Netflix, Hulu, Skype and no excuses. Where I live, this would be an Iphone4 on Sprint or T-Mobile.

    Oh and I would still like to be able to make a phone call or fire off a text when I’m away from the city.

  14. What’s nice is that my city (Reno) is now showing on the map with a coming soon tag.. I think they are doing a pretty good job of rolling it out.. When they rolled out 3G here, the map was not showing it. I had been holding off on getting my phone because of it (The myTouch had just come out and was only one of 2 Androids phones) by chance I went to the store to look at one, and low and behold 3G was already here.. Glad to see they are more on top of the map this time.

  15. I’m surprised to see Roanoke/Lynchburg, VA on there. I’m from L-burg, and my family still lives there, and, well, there’s not too much to it. Not that I’m complaining; maybe now when I visit, I won’t be stuck with no signal!

  16. @SavageJeep
    The City of Detroit may be dying, but the Detroit area (including Detroit) has been growing. We are one of the largest metropolitan areas in the country, but get very little respect from corporate America.

  17. @dla
    You got one thing wrong, it would not be an iPhone 4 on any network because you can’t dependably make a call with any iPhone.

  18. I’d have settled for less spotty 3G here in Chicago. It’s been just over a year since I bid farewell from Little Fuscia to Big Red and I’m not looking back.

  19. Honestly, how can T-Mobile expect me to get excited about their 4G service here in Detroit, when I frequently don’t even get their 3G service? Even as I write this, sitting still at home, I’m watching service alternate between Edge and 3G_

  20. im about 40min out of detroit and i can pull 4g on my my touch 4g! macomb twp area

  21. no love for iowa :(

  22. Sprint came out with an ad saying they are the only one with 4g that slower then everyone elses 3g? So if everyone non4g network beats spring in location and speeds what will happen when they really come out with 4g ( they will call it 5g?) Tmobile is getting a speed boost on their hspa+ network to 40-50 mbits/s. That’s 3 times the speed of sprints advertised 4g. I have many friends with HTC EVO 4g in NY and non have 4g signal. While many g2 useres get speeds better then sprint.

  23. Consistently getting 8-10 mbps on my EVO. Call it whatever you want to call it, but all that matters is that the user see’s the speeds. Its crazy though so many people claiming all this and that, yet there are posters who say they can’t even get 3G on that same network. SMH.

  24. T-Mobile needs to show some love for Toledo.

  25. I’m very excited that tmobile added detroit as I’ve had them and have been looking forward to this. The time they took was faster then I even cared for because I’m waiting for a tegra 2 phone :) well 2011 +hspa +tegra2 + dualcores a year for me to remember

  26. @wolverineguy: Off topic, but I agree with you. Metro Detroit is one of the only major metro areas in the country that could survive, and even thrive, if its central city went away completely. Most of the country does not realize how nice of an area it is when you get outside of the Detroit borders.

    Oh, and Go Sparty!

  27. unfortunately, the markets that they are currently in still have spotty coverage. For example, within the small confines of San Francisco proper, I can lose HSPA+ coverage from block to block without being even close to any of our numerous, signal defying hills (thus, there’s not excuse!)

    I know new markets are important for new sales, but they’d better patch up the coverage of their current markets so they can maintain customer satisfaction

  28. @bmg314
    The unfortunate thing is the City of Detroit was such a nice city 50-60 years ago and now it is just a shell of its former self. But the Detroit area still needs love from the mobile phone operators.

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