Game Gripper Goes into Production for the Samsung Epic 4G


Last week I took a look at one of the latest Game Gripper models to be released, the Motorola Droid 2, but we’ve just caught word that production has begun on an even newer model sure to please gamers everywhere. There is no doubt that a main draw of the Samsung Epic 4G has been its hardware keyboard in relation to gaming, especially using the gorgeous Galaxy S hardware. We have already seen the handset’s keyboard hacked into a gaming pad, but now you won’t need to cause any physical harm to your device to get the same sense of control — the Game Gripper is here!

Quentyn is expecting the gripper in the mail, which he will promptly try out for you all and report back with his findings.

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  1. legit

  2. Cant they make something that’s not phones specific

  3. Be kind of hard to be non-specific considering no two phones have the same dimensions, connector placements, or options.

  4. Just give me one for the Droid X already!!!

  5. I bet that guy who cut out all of the other keys on his epic is saying what was. I thinking. You could put black tape over the ones you don’t want and colored tape for the keys you want!. Or a cut out except for the keys to use.

  6. enough with the hardware! i want a software update with 2.2 involved!

  7. @Eman

    root it, rom it, love it.

  8. This cant be non-phone specific bc it is just a rubber overlay that pushes down on specific keys below it. And it def won’t work for the stoic x as it has no hardware keyboard. There are no electronics in this thing people!

  9. this would so great to come out for more phones.

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