Dungeon Defenders Headed Our Way in Just a Few Weeks


Worried that your phone may not run Dungeon Defenders due to its lack of a Tegra 2 chipset? No worries! Going back on their initial word of availability for this game, Trendy Entertainment says that Dungeon Defenders for Android will be released in a few weeks alongside the iOS launch. They state that most Android phones with OpenGL ES2.0 will be able to run it, meaning most phones released this year are equipped with sufficient juice and ready to defend some dungeons. The game will cost $2.99, but will naturally have less content than its console counterparts. [via Droid Gamers]


Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Uhm so would this mean all Galaxy S? maybe all 1ghz processors?

  2. dude, the Galaxy S has handsdown the best GPU in the Mobile world right now. It can play Neocore at upto 90FPS overclocked for crying out loud. You’re fine.

  3. Is this and mmorpg like pocket legends?if so my g2 will be excited to greet it!

  4. yeah, it’s the Evo’s, Nexus 1’s and Droids that needs to worry about playing the latest games.

  5. Motorola droid also supports opengl 2.0 so it should be able to run it as well.

  6. QK<3

  7. Galaxy s processor has nothing on my mt4g

  8. I went to their website. It has too much glitz and too little information.

    I have been playing Pocket Legends. Check that game out instead. On that note, Phandroid I am sad at you for not picking me for the android costume.

  9. omg i hope the evo can play this game otherwise i might cry

  10. @Keller Shmeller Run Nenamark or GLBenchmark 2.0 on your myTouch4G. It can’t beat the PowerVR SGX540 in GPU benchmark. You are misinformed.

  11. @ACR No sir, YOU are misinformed

  12. @Keller Shmeller Actually, you’re wrong. The GPU in the myTouch 4G is Adreno 205 which is slower than SGX540 in Hummingbird. The only reason it under-performs is Samsung’s use of RiserFS that’s almost criminally slow.

  13. “yeah, it’s the Evo’s, Nexus 1’s and Droids that needs to worry about playing the latest games.”

    Pocket Legends runs fine on my Nexus One, as does any other game I’ve installed!

  14. Yeah galaxy s vibrant always underscores in gpu vs my g2. Smartphonebenchmarks say that the gpu in galaxy sphones are better. But any scoring system that I use on my phone has my g2 beating it by a very small margin.

  15. I dunno dudes… Reckless Racing is already poor enough with Desires Snapdragon. Ofcourse i’ll atleast try it.

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