Doom Live Wallpaper Splatters Demons All Over Your Screen


Sure, you can play Doom right on your Android phone, but why bother when you can just watch a Live Wallpaper do it for you? This nifty number pits poor Doomguy against an unending hoard of enemies right on your screen, all day everyday. With your help you can drop powerups and additional weapons, but placing icons also unleashes extra beasts. The choice is yours, and so is the customization, which lets you control character size and speed, the number of spawning enemies, and the background. The following video from PocketNow demonstrates it better than I can. Bonus hamster action included.

[via MobileCrunch]

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  1. Amazing…… That’s all I can say.

  2. installing Doom live wallpaper, it looks great

  3. wow that’s the worst Live Wallpaper i’ve seen lol.. uninstalled!

  4. the best live wallpaper yet. it sure brings back alot of memories. now i’m going to have to got through all the doom games again. not the flashiest, but definitely the coolest live wallpaper i’ve seen!

  5. YES! Had nightmares playing this game as a kid. btw hyperlink in article leads to error page

  6. I don’t care about the Doom wallpaper, but Hamster wallpaper was an instant download for me. I just wish it were a widget instead of a live wallpaper so that I could have my own background and the hamster over that

  7. DOOM wallpaper is hilarious and looks awesome.

  8. And with this, you can watch your battery drain on some utterly useless but entertaining live wall paper.

  9. @Versed
    surprisingly, Doom live wallpaper is not a battery as you might assume, ive had it running since yesterday and i didnt notice worse battery life

  10. @Maj
    Well that all depends on the phone and how much action was happening on the interactive wallpaper, don’t you think?

  11. Love the Doom wallpaper, looks awesome, guess you have to be a certain age to appreciate it though. It does lag my homescreen changes though… is it worth it? Time will tell!

  12. @Keanoo

    Which phone are you using? I wrote the doom live wallpaper and I haven’t had very many complaints about lagging home screens. Compared to many other live wallpapers it doesn’t tax your CPU that much. You can turn of the wallpaper scrolling effect in the options which might make it look smoother.

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