Before the Galaxy S’s Launch is Complete, Super-Duperphone Galaxy S2 Rumors Surface


Can we please catch a break? We’re all for hearing about newer, bigger, better, and badder Android devices (even if they’re just rumors), but Samsung’s still got a ton of countries to launch the Samsung Galaxy S in before they jump into a supposed Galaxy S2. New rumors are saying that the device – scheduled to launch in early 2011 – will be as good as an Android handset has ever sounded.


For starters, a 4.3-inch touchscreen with a resolution of 1280×720 leads the way into a very delicious-sounding package that includes 1GB of RAM, 4GB of ROM, 32GB of built-in storage, 2GHz processor (possibly a dual-core architect), an 8-megapixel camera with “full” HD video (indicating 1080p?), Bluetooth 3.0, WiFi up to N, and an accelerometer accompanied by a gyroscope. Everything is said to be pushed along by the power that Android 3.0 (otherwise unofficially known as Gingerbread) provides.

This sounds a lot like the dream device I just got done describing in the article regarding Google’s accomplished mission in launching the Nexus One. It also sounds a lot like what we first heard about Android 3.0 (whose rumors were later “debunked” by a very annoyed Google engineer): support for 720p screen resolutions at the OS’s core would be the biggest giveaway. Still, it’s a rumor that we’re going to have to throw into the bin, but we’ll make sure it sits at the top as we await more details to leak out sometime before the year is up.

[Itrans via Unwired View]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. How about a physical keyboard gsm device samsung ? kthnxbye

  2. I think the rumor that will be debunked regarding Android 3.0 is that they will limit the screen resolutions.

    There isn’t really a good reason why they can’t run android across multiple screen resolutions and to limit it seems contrary to Android’s divide and conquer strategy.

    Requiring VGA would make a sideways treo styled blackberry killer very difficult.

  3. Battery life? I hope better batteries in the future will work with this beast :)

  4. When will samsung release an android phone with a xenon flash, PLEASE.

  5. Wow……iphone 4 sucks!!!!

  6. samsung is pushing gyroscopes which I think will be big, even for UI stuff. But still no HDMI?

  7. Ooohhh, 1280×720 resolution. I sure like the sounds of that! I dunno about the largish 4.3 inch screen though.

  8. if this is true, wow wow wow, I hope this is lighter and thinner than IPhone 4 ha ha

  9. @ 2 – the rumor stated that hones over four inches will have the higher res available but it doesnt exactly say that it will be required(but why use a 4″ SD screen when everyone else goes HD?). phones at the minimum required screen size for 3.0 of 3.5 – 3.9″ can us lower resolution. If the rumor is correct that is.

  10. oh yeah and this phone is SOLD!

  11. Adds to it (in comparison to Galaxy S):

    – An improved version of Super Amoled;
    – 4″ would be enough, 4.3″ will render the device too big;
    – Better battery life;
    – Much less bezel, just as in the picture above;
    – Much better lens, like the Iphone 4 (or better);
    – Xenon Flash;
    – Micro HDMI output;
    – Vanilla Android 3.0 (or higher).

  12. Sounds like a nice phone. I would love to own one, one day

  13. Is it still gonna have the cheap plastic feel of the Samsung Omnia II and Samsung Galaxy S? Or will it feel as good as the Droid, Droid X, Nexus One, Evo, and Incredible?


  15. Well. Samsung Vibrant will be my first Android phone (as it looks like now.) and then when this one comes out I may just get this one to replace my “old” phone.

  16. Wow.. I get that people get upset when the platform moves ahead so quickly but this is outstanding. I’m more than happy with myevo and will continue to Nbe, but I am looking forward to the next upgrade. Not just for the new phone but where will the platform be by that time? If they’ve done this much in a year and a half imagine what the next two years are going to be like! My guess is that gingerbread will be very attractive, aiming its sights on loyal owners of other devices. Right now andriod is probably getting alot of traction from those that want a device like the iphone but never actually had one.

  17. Congratulations Samsung with the Galaxy S and the Super Amoled display, which is much much nicer than the Droid and Nexus One displays.

    Here are some suggestions for a wish list for the Galaxy S2 (additions in comparison to the Galaxy S (GT-19000) International Edition:

    – 2 GHz processor or higher
    – 32 GB internal SD memory
    – 1GB RAM or higher
    – Faster broadband connection
    – International version that runs in Europe, and on T-Mobile like the current Galaxy S
    – Android 3.0 or higher
    – Fighter jet windshield glass if not too heavy
    – Black carbon fiber case or composite, not plastic
    – The super Amoled screen is beautiful
    – Better CMOS and camera lens
    – 1080p video (with 2x optical zoom if possible)
    – Xenon Flash
    – HDMI output
    – Not much larger than current form factor (a larger form factor could be a mistake)
    – Better battery life
    – Less bezel
    – Included microfiber or neoprene pouch
    – Higher quality audio headset similar to Shure earphones
    – Adaptor for connecting a high quality XLR microphone

  18. Battery life = 30 minutes ?

  19. 30 minutes? Samsung has great battery life

  20. I’m very glad my contract is up at the end of the year, looks like some very nice phones are on the horizon and with Gingerbread hopefully bringing the OS to maturity it is all looking good!

  21. I have a simple wishlist: make the Epic available to all carriers and add a trackball.

  22. PLEASE SAMSUNG, PLEASEEEEE add a 1700/2100 MHZ radio and i am OFFICIALLY SOLD.

    Something tells me, though, that these specs are TOO GOOD to be True, but u just never know.

  23. Please use sapphire glass, space shuttle glass, or the glass they use in armored vehicles for the Galaxy S2 if it’s not too heavy.

  24. Release this one in Europe aswell please!

  25. My God…it’s full of stars.

  26. Please include wings, a jet pack, bullet-proof armor, a waffle maker, and the ability to get me a girlfriend and I’m sold.

  27. Fake.

  28. just hope they do not delay like they did with the Galaxy S, Samsung and Sony both lost a lot of market share to equivalent spec’d phones by HTC and Motorola by talking about their phone forever while the others where delivering

  29. This looks fake. But man a guy can dream, huh?!

  30. I love samsung, BUT they should make less iPhone-wannabe phones in term of design and UI (Samsung Galaxy *cough* S) then count me in!

  31. S2? Isn’t that the text symbol for love? because I am most definitely in love with these specs. Screw htc and their dual core goodness. I want this.

    So basically I get up to 64gb’s of space to work with? AND an 8mp camera with flash? Samsung make sure that this device is an HSPA+ device 42mbps in 2011 sound good to you? it does for me.

    I would gladly pay $700 or $800 for this device off contract if it has T-Mobile’s 3G bands but it also has to include T-Mobile’s HSPA+.

  32. @Pochi:how many candy bar form factors can there be? iphone4 look like my nokia N81. Don’t wanna hear crap bout who copy who cuz they circulate. UI can be change via rooting have u heard of it?

  33. @akachay: it’s not about the candy bar form factor it’s that i don’t want to remember iPhone each time i hold my moblie phone, and rooting could solve the problem.

    I prefer for Galaxy S2 to have stock UI (which seems most likely anyways since android 3.0 will eliminate the need of custom UI), Seems to be the perfect phone to me, I hope it’ll be priced well and not too expensive.

  34. Thats better than my G1 ? I’ll take it !


  35. Wow… well all these rumors only make me put off going to get a phone just to see what else is around the bend.

  36. I bet is fake

  37. sorry guys, this is completely fake.

  38. seems fake. how long can a battery really last in a phone like that? 4,3″ screen and 2Ghz processor…

    there’s new Android phone out every week now. My Desire is old news before i can even unbox it :D

  39. Please don’t be fake please don’t be fake please don’t be fake

  40. This has got to be a fake… http://briefmobile.com/samsung-i9200-galaxy-s2-is-probably-a-fake
    4GB ROM? i9200 naming? The pic is just a mockup, too.

  41. I think they should use the gorilla glass like on the dell streak

  42. The render looks nice. If it had a slide out keyboard it would be fat and no longer would be as aesthetically pleasing. I would prefer it not have one. 2 gigahertz processor seems unrealistic. I can see 1.3GHz to 1.5GHz maybe. The rest of the specs seem plausible (if not expensive!) Sweet!

  43. Looks like I have to wait till next year for the Galaxy #2. It be a waist to get the first launch if Samsung already have 2nd one coming out. So I’ll wait till 2011.

  44. Ok so now if this phone comes out early next year . Then I expect samsung to do what it dose best. to not support the galaxy s till this replacement comes . I see the galaxy s supported til 2.2 then dropped like a dirty habit.

    I will wait till an HTC dual core phone comes out.

    no more samsuck for me.

  45. I LOVE HOW ALL YOU PPL COMPLAIN OVER THEMOST SIMPLEST THINGS…. IT DOESNT HAVE THIS OR THAT…. WHO CARES… I RARESLY USE THE CAMERA BECAUSE I HAVE AN AWESOME DSLR CAMERA THAT TAKE WAY BETTER PICTURE THEN A CAMERA ON THE PHONE…. SO NO WORRIES THERE…. 2ND MINI HDMI?? FOR WHAT…. are u all that lazy to hook up ur laptops to the tv….. all this bickering need to stop…. its technology….. if u dont like y dont u go in those seats andmake the shit urself…. pretty sure u would cut corners like any other corporation….and if say u wont… ur just lying to urself….. in my eyes… i already have certain expectation for this phone…. and have way better things that i can use i like this phone mainly because of the hd space it has… and its the closest thing i can find to the shitty iphone…and as it is i am longover due on updating my g1 as we speak!!!! since i had it now for 2 yrs…. u expext alot from a phone…. whenwe should not…. a phone is a phone….that all it is….its a phone….. not a computer

  46. Manny, I have a video for you.


  47. I am still using my trusty G1, Rooted, with Cyanogenmod 5.08 (2.1) and a 2600mAh battery and am pretty happy, but I know I could use an upgrade, I don’t know how much further I can push the G1. I was going to wait and get the Nexus One, but maybe I will wait and see if the Galaxy S2 makes and appearance. I really hope this thing comes to T-mobile. I don’t plan on leaving them but if they don’t start pushing better phones…I may have to consider it.

  48. PS- Manny- these things are computers, all smart phones meet the definition and the operational characteristics of a general purpose computer. And when I think about it a lot of non-smart phones also meet that definition. What is wrong with wanting more on your phone. One could argue that we just need the phone to make a call and nothing else… I would much rather carry one device and not a Bat Utility Belt of toys. With my phone I have my encrypted database of secret stuff, a camera, a GPS, Internet capability, etc… all in one device. Sure I have a nice DSLR too but I don’t drag it around every where with me …

  49. All I know is that Samsung is indeed working on a super smart phone that would technically blow away apple,motorola,htc,and RIM. There was little or no rumours about Samsung Galaxy S before it was revealed at CTIA 2010. Samsung is becoming like Apple and it is now very secretive about its products. Galaxy S ,for example!And Galaxy S is unrivaled in terms of features it offers.

    Galaxy S can still be competitive until end of this year,at least,considering how powerful and beefy Galaxy S is,despite the sure fact that more smartphones will be produced even completion of the worldwide launch of Galaxy S.

    It means Samsung working on Galaxy S successor is true,but the features are a bit too powerful for a phone that would be launched in early 2011. I love Samsung and love touch wiz 3.0 more than much hyped sense UI(I owned htc hero and it is just nice,nothing to wow about). The only weakness Samsung has now is support for updates and design.

    That’s why I bought Samsung Captivate.It is the most beautiful version of Galaxy S.

    To sum up,it is just a matter of time before Samsung surpasses nokia,motorola and htc.

    Go Samsung! Bring wonder to us in 2011 just like YOU DID in 2009 and 2010 with LED TVs and 3D TVs.


  51. Dude, that 2 Ghz 2 core cpu is a Tegra 2?

    It MUST have a Tegra 2 CPU or better.

    4G would be welcome too.

    And a real working GPS, not the fake-psudo-buggy-GPS that the first Galaxy S has.

    And STEREO LOUDY speakers are welcome too.

    And a touch trackpad.

    Aaaaand hdmi support.

    Could make teletransportations too and have xenon flash and carl zeiss lens with optical zoom.


    Geez… We need to tell everything to these people… :P

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