AppBrain Update Reveals Lack of Fast Web Installer Support in Latest Android Market Update



AppBrain has just updated their Android app to version 5.0 with some pretty cool changes. You can head over to their announcement post to read all about that, but that isn’t the main point of interest to emerge. Towards the bottom of their new app description they mention that while the latest version still features the Fast Web Installer function (in fact it is improved), it probably won’t work much longer. Why not? Well, it wasn’t by their own choice.

Google has disabled the ability in their most recent update to the Android Market, hinting at something they first showed off back at Google I/O: a completely revamped web version of the Android Market with the ability to push downloads to your handset. We already saw signs of these changes in a recent backend overhaul that added in extra sample images, a hi-res logo graphic, and an optional YouTube promo video.


Ladies and gentlemen, the Android Market is about to take it to the next level, silencing many critics in the process. A main sour spot among most techies, the Android Market certainly won’t be getting worse. Any improvement is a great one, but this one looks to be the big kahuna. When and if they throw in Google Music (and maybe even Google Books) we are really talking. Now when are they going to announce Gingerbread and this new Market? That’s the questions that remains.

[via AppBrain, thanks to Anthony]

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  1. This is something to look forward to but at the same time kind of a disapointment because god only knows how long it will take the manufacturers to release gingerbread. The only way I see the delay with the manufactuers is if they some how make the update a silent one.

  2. Yeah, it’s already been disabled on the d2

  3. Fast web installer in located in the settings… WTF.. Read the release notes..!

  4. Taking in back, foot in mouth.. Posted before I read you whole article, just saw the headline.. Sorry.. [slinking away]..

  5. this kinda sucks because appbrain is what i used to back up and reinstall all my apps since i try different roms so often, and some of them are far less than stable, causing me to wipe my phone and start from scratch.

  6. Omg! No bing ad! Yay! Cool about market too.

  7. Is that an Apple laptop presenting Google’s Android Market?

  8. Jason – They switched for macs for security concerns a few weeks back.

  9. @Jason Yup! I’m sure I remember reading that internally Google use Macs or Linux because Windows is so riddled with security problems.

  10. Google fixes a serious security hole ( and you get surprised when the fix does what it should, namely preventing apps from being installed without asking for permissions?

    This is not Google removing a feature, this is AppBrain doing something that should never have worked in the first place. Note that I like AppBrain and will continue to use it. I just think it’s strange that you WANT a security hole in your phone…

  11. So..I wonder if the new web market will only be accessible from certain devices? If not, all those tablets w/o market access are definitely looking a hell of a lot better. Also, it will silence all the naysayers about the non-market tablets. Ok, the last part was wishful thinking. i know.

  12. @JohanS This was not really a security hole, as you had to allow fast webb install from your phone, using your Google account credentials.

  13. @Thib: yes, you are absolutely right about that. I’m ready and done with these smartphones. A more shaky and unpredictable system and it’s apps than android and it’s systemlords is hard to find. Bye, Google, you have really overstayed your welcome.

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