AppCast #5: Android Market Week In Review [VIDEO]


appcastA ton of stuff happened on Android Market this week so sit tight and hopefully you’re entertained as I cover 20 apps that were either launched, updated or are upcoming on Android Market. From holiday wallpaper to holiday shopping to skeeball to me dancing… we pretty much cover it all in the week the last week that was Android Market.

Another huge update is a currently in-progress update to Android Market itself. Developers were warned about market downtime and we already know that it will bring additional screenshots, sample videos, and larger resolution images that we’re assuming will be for tablets and the new market website we’ve heard so much about.

For more information on the apps discussed today, see (and click) below!



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  1. sweet stuff. im digging the netqin, scanlife and fleeaway!

  2. This is the worst list I have ever seen. Google Maps? really comon if you have a droid you should know. I want apps that are hidden “gems” Stupid

  3. Tiger, have you even tried Google maps? The new version gives voice directions. Works as good as any garmin or tom tom but free and no charge to update maps. Just as good as at&t navigator that charges 9.95 a month but at&t is better maps than garmin and tom tom. But again Google is free. I have tried them while driving a 40 ft motorhome with a toad, you don’t turn around or back up. So maps better be right.

  4. Wow! I didn’t know that NetQin Antivirus and Winamp are ported on Android.

  5. A.L., he’s not saying google maps is bad. He’s saying “Why are you telling me about an app that I obviously already have?”

  6. You might not know about the UPDATES to Google Maps unless you knew about them. Even downloading the update wouldn’t tell you that you could rate places or add a places widget to your home screen.

  7. hmm very weak list this week..

    4 Google products? :-/

  8. I wish you guys would update the upcoming, featured, and rumored phones section of this webpage…it used to be one of my favorite features of the great…

    Also is there anyway I could try the private beta of the new app?? long shot here but had to try…

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