Verizon: We now have 4G Service, AT&T Doesn’t [4G WARS]


Verizon’s inviting AT&T back into that age-old marketing war we were just talking about, and this time they’re dishing out blows about their 4G network. The ad was spotted inside of what looks to be a bus stop, but we can’t confirm that. And we honestly don’t care. What we care about is the fact that Verizon’s getting aggressive with AT&T, again, and T-Mobile and Sprint might find themselves caught up in the fire before too long. Question, though: why isn’t Verizon going after T-Mobile? T-Mobile uses the same type of network as AT&T which they claim is 4G. Is AT&T just an easier target because they haven’t been calling their HSPA+ network 4G and because they have no phones that take advantage of it? Let’s not forget that Verizon has yet to launch a 4G phone either. (Though I’m sure they’ll have no problem bragging about the speeds customers can get using their MiFi devices.) FIGHT! [Twitter via AC]


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  1. ATM tmo is still faster

  2. It’s likely because AT&T are bigger in terms of subscriber base and are their biggest competitor. Why bring attention to a smaller player(T-Mobile) and give them any sort of publicity when it’s not necessary to do so?

  3. That’s a very good point.

  4. AT&T doesn’t call it 4G because in reality it’s not, and NEITHER are any of the other carriers. Even though Verizon is bringing out their 4G, AT&T’s HPSPA+ is just as fast (in certain areas) in real time speed, not theoretical speed. and they will start the new real 4G in 2011 a year after Verizon. Least everyone forget that when your roaming you are actually using towers from other providers, whether you are on AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobil.

  5. The fact is that Verizon never had a good 3G or speedy 3G network to begin with so they know better then to mess with T-Mobile who have speeds that shadow Verizon. To be quite honest I don’t see anyone betting Sprint in Speed. Well it’s a free country so choose that’s what I say.

  6. my android does support HPSPA+, or at least info on my phone says it does, which I tend to believe more

  7. Too bad what Verizon, Srpint and T-Mobile are advertising to all their customers as 4G isn’t even 4G…..

  8. it makes Verizon look good that they have an updated network. they have high end android phones, and soon will have the iphone, it will make new customers question why they should even consider at&t because everybody knows at&t sucks and now they’re the very last to get 4G

  9. @wrceuro tmobile already beats sprints speeds. Wtf are you taking about

  10. @msgnyc who cares. the name doesnt matter, as long as the speeds are atleast 10x faster than 3G then the average consumer (me included) could care less what its formally called. its evolution so its only right to label it 4G in my opinion

  11. How can it be 10x faster then 3G when it’s still 3G and they are just advertising it to the sheep as 4G? lmao

  12. I would also like to add that AT&T has had HSDPA+ (What T-Mo calles 4G) for along time now. Just none of their phones are HSDPA+ compatible.

  13. I read somewhere, I think it was Engadget, that Verizons new LTE network isn’t true 4G. Ill have to see if I can find that article.

  14. @Straw on AT&T? If so, it’s possible your Android “takes advantage” of HSPA+, but to date, there are no phones with HSPA+ radios on AT&T.

  15. I have the MT4G on T-Mobile and my speeds are now up to par with AT&T’s 3G. T-Mobiles “4G” is a JOKE!! (Boston, MA)

  16. To be 4G it must have 100Mbps downlink peak and I believe 50Mbps uplink.

    That is why all 4g isn’t 4G today.

  17. Who ever say that t-mobile my4g is faster then sprint 4g most be a fool because so farsprint Evo 4g beating the my touch 4g in speed don’t say a word about something that you have no clue about I have both phone from both carriers my t-mobile my touch 4g lost is speed for my sprint HTC Evo 4g you must have both phones like I do and test them for yourself.

  18. Lol, all hail the Sprint HTC EVO 4G…top smartphone in America, on our nations best 4G network! (note: yes, I know it’s not “true 4G”…and yes, I know I’m going to get bashed for this)

  19. My Mytouch 4g has gone up to 10Mbps download. That is quick enough for me.

  20. Pre-4G technologies such as mobile WiMAX and first-release 3G Long term evolution (LTE) have been available on the market since 2006 and 2009 respectively, and are often branded as 4G. Current versions of these technologies do not fulfill the ITU-R requirements of data rates approximately up to 1 Gbit/s for 4G systems.

  21. Verizon Wireless has announced that it plans to augment its CDMA2000-based EV-DO 3G network in the United States with LTE. AT&T, along with Verizon Wireless has chosen to migrate toward LTE from 2G/GSM and 3G/HSPA by 2011

  22. Both Verizon and its part-parent company Vodafone will share the same high speed, fourth-generation data service when it comes time to upgrade their respective cellular networks, according to statements made by the chief executives of both companies at a conference today. Verizon’s Ivan Seidenberg and Vodafone’s Arun Sarin remarked that the company each planned to move to the 4G technology known as Long Term Evolution (LTE) within the next three to four years, allowing users of either platform to connect as quickly as 100 megabits downstream and roam with calls and data over each other’s networks. This feat would be impossible over current services, which use the mutually incompatible CDMA (Verizon) and GSM (Vodafone) protocols.
    However, the move will also make Verizon’s network compatible with AT&T’s planned 4G network, which should also use LTE for calls and data, and could render the US cellular market similar to that in Europe, where a single cellular standard lets users easily switch between providers without abandoning an existing phone or device.

  23. None of the carriers have a true 3G at this time and have not ever. Some believe 4G that is advertised is nothing but upper 3G speeds. I understanded that it is still faster but won’t it be like all broadband internet now? The more using it the slower, brighthouse claims 30mps but you will never see close to that.

  24. Waiting for 2012 when both BIG providers are on same fast 4G network and phones from both companies work on each others network…

  25. Verizon isn’t going after T-Mobile, because T-Mobile is in more places with their so called 4G then Verizon, who is probably in one town only. Also without any so called 4G phones T-Mobile will blow Verizon away should it come down to a battle.

  26. LTE Advanced will be standardized in 2010 as part of the Release 10 of the 3GPP specification. In 4G systems, the circuit-switched infrastructure is abandoned, and only a packet-switched network is provided. This means that traditional voice calls are replaced by IP telephony. 4G will offer very high data rates with expectations of 100Mbps wireless service (uplink and downlink) LTE (3G)has a theoretical net bit rate capacity of up to 100 Mbit/s in the downlink and 50 Mbit/s in the uplink if a 20 MHz channel is used — and more if multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO), i.e. antenna arrays, are used.

  27. All I care about is…when’s Verizon going to release a “4g” handset?!

    Every one is arguing over 4g/3g dilemma…the carriers aren’t going to suddenly change their mind and start marketing it as 3.5g or whatever so just get over it.

  28. Lol T-Mobile still holds title for largest 4G AND the fastest currently. AT&T doesn’t have 4G capable handsets aka HSPA+ handsets. All of their smartphones top out at 7.2mbps. Also T-Mobile doesn’t claim HSDPA as 4G they claim HSPA+ and don’t you even dare say its the same thing because HSPA+ is upgraded. T-Mobile IS faster than sprint. Evo 4G is no where even near top smartphone anymore. Everything has basically surpassed it. Galaxy S. G2. MyTouch4G, yes even the Mytouch4G surpasses it. Evo is an overrated pos.

  29. That’s the same 3g map they’ve always used. Man why is false and misleading advertisement like this legal?

  30. Lmfao 2FR35H… you know your wrong for that….

  31. @Boris

    Because this is the New America: Of the corporation; For the corporation; By the corporation.

  32. I have a G2 on tmobile and I really like the HSPA+. Much faster than the old G1. On top of that Tmobile is atleast $20 cheaper a month than the other carriers I have used them since they were voicestream and have no plans on switching even they will have a “slower” “4G” network than the other carriers.

  33. EVO is overated pos? That’s funny that every tech site on the net rates it as one of the top 5 phones currently on the market. It must be amusing for apple fans to witness on a daily basis, android users berate each others handsets. I don’t even own an Evo but I know its a top of the line device. The point is, each make & model have their pros and cons, I just don’t understand why there’s so much dissent between certain android users. It makes no sense to me!

  34. I notice that too toast. It always seems to be tmobile carriers. Could it be they have cell envy for lack of quality smartphones offered by tmobile?

  35. So is there a phone and carrier out there that can beat either of Sprint’s 4G phones(Epic & Evo)?

    I didn’t think so. Verizon, ATT and TMobile may have something in the future, but Sprint has it now. While you are waiting the next two years for Verizon’s LTE to become real, you might as well enjoy Sprint’s 4G.

  36. I don’t get why people want to argue over speeds on phones. According to the itu, you have to have simultaneous voice and data to be considered 3G. That means that Verizon and Sprint are not 3G, according to them. They are full of it. It’s so annoying to see people posting that so-called spec over and over, like they are smarter than the rest. WE READ THE SAME DAMN ARTICLE! The point is the itu’s opinion didn’t count for 3G, doesn’t count for 4G. Why in the hell did they wait til a few weeks ago to even decide on a “spec?” Anyway, it doesn’t matter. 4G, or 5G for that matter are not going to increase the speed of the phone much. The benefit will be in aircards and such. Webpages on your phone won’t load faster. Streaming may work better, and you may be able to download files a bit faster, but you won’t see speed improvements on your phone worth arguing over. I’m not in 4G, but my Evo is fast on 3G.

  37. @dla it will come sooner then u think ;)

  38. andulas: Funny think about the HSPA+, WiMax and LTE – only WiMax has phones for it. And WiMax is available today.

    I’m carrier and OS agnostic – I’m looking for a certain user experience. I want Netflix, Hulu, & web surfing. Phone calls and text are like air – no excitement.

    Apple gives me Netflix with the OS, but the ATT network is too slow for decent streaming. Hulu doesn’t like phones right now. Surfing the web without flash is a drag. Sprint gives me the network speed, but Android doesn’t work with Netflix. Verizon is just plain stupid and has zero idea how to play in this market. My point is that nobody has a clear lock on the smart phone experience.

    If you want speed today, Sprint is the way to go. If you want image – iphone4. If you want to root your phone daily to play with the latest OS release – any Android phone.

  39. @dla I agree with your statement.
    However, tmobile has two phones on their hspa+ network.

  40. @Tim242
    I agree with you, however….put that bad boy Evo of yours on a 4G network and u may be singing another tune. I agree my Evo was very fast on 3G and I didn’t care either way if I had 4G or not cause I didn’t think it would make much of a difference….but damn was I wrong. Our 4G went live 3 weeks ago, and on average I get about 5.5-6 mbps on an “ok” signal strength. Most I pulled down in downlink was almost 13 mbps. I won’t even touch on uplink because Sprint caps it at 1 mbps (however, before it throttles down it clocks in around 2.5 mbps). In comparison to my Wifi, which averages about 11 mbps at my house…..and my 3G that averages about .65-1 mbps….i’d say it makes my Evo considerably faster. Although not quite as good as Wifi yet (Wimax release 2 will boost speeds significantly and will be backwards compatible), webpages: load almost instantaneously, streaming video: loads blazingly fast in HQ and downloads (i.e. music, apps etc): take seconds, not minutes. While it may not be “true 4G” by technical standards, it’s definitely Wifi on the go. This was only solidified when I went to Panera Bread yesterday to use their wifi….after a few speed tests…i disconnected from their network in total confusion. Full Wifi signal was light years behind my 4G at only 1 bar.

  41. It’s all about the iPhone. VZW will be the next (and one of only two) carriers for the iPhone, so they need to give current iOS users a stronger reason to switch. If they grab a few Android/Blackberry and WP7 users in the process, it’s just gravy.

  42. @Croak
    If it was all about the iphone, they would be outselling android right now……and we all know that the fastest selling smartphone OS from quarter to quarter is Android. 1 of only 2 carriers huh? If iphone was actually better than I’d say that was exclusive…but its not, so you’re kinda in the minority bro.

  43. @sokal: For reasons unknown to me, phones do not get the speed on wifi, that a laptop will. I ran a speed test on my Evo. Got 1.4Mb on Sprint 3G, only 1.1Mb on wifi. Ran the same test on my laptop, and got 7Mb.

  44. IMO AT&T would be better off investing in a more efficient network and cutting plan costs instead of getting caught up in the network speed race. Not only would it earn them a few new customers but it would be a great way to throw a wrench in Verizon’s marketing scheme.

  45. Verizon doesnt go for t mobile because t mobile dosent need any free advertisement, there a sleeping giant right now, they current have the best”4g” network, everyone gotta stop hating and bitching because the us customer wants 4g and for all the money that its worth companies will give the almost anything and call it 4g. Back tmo who else can say or show they have the fastest and biggest network. I know sprint defenetly cant, not taking anything from the evo but sprint service is ajoke, I had on the epic and couldnt stand there shitty excuse for “4g”. T mobiles 4g is defenetly faster by alot, and I have it almost anywhere I go. And so far my touch4g has been a hel lot better than my old shity epic. Fyi yesturday I put my mt4g against my cousins iphone 4g, lets say this phone owns it so much that I had to turn on ma wifi hotspot to video chat thats to att poor excuse for 3g

  46. The Evo 4G is a great phone, made by a great manufacture, but Sprint just holds it back. I have friends who have them, and it doesn’t come close to touching my G2… they average 5-6mb when my G2 is around 9-11mb

  47. Yes people, I said it and I know I damn sure pissed you off seeing your reactions lol, the Evo is an overrated pos. Tell me what does it really have to be desired? a 4.3 inch screen? a Front Facing Camera for some? I know most certainly the network isn’t to die for. Extra $10 a month for 4G are you high sprint? but I guess you gotta pay for those BORROWED 4G towers somehow and Epic? talk about black sheep of the Galaxy S series. Pfft yeah sure it has a physical keyboard and everything else the original galaxy s has but the really to die for Galaxy S is the Nexus S. Sprint has NOTHING!!!! G2 overclocked to 1.9ghz easily beat evo as a powerhouse, surprised me but damn it is true. I may come across as a sprint hater but do not be fooled by the exterior of it all, I recognize best and currently T-Mobile is top dog in these 4G wars. How in any way possible is Sprint Network and devices better? hell T-Mobile even has two dual-core samsung phones coming in next year. This is only the beginning people. Get your head out your snobby little sprint asses. Cell envy for what? T-Mobile has had many of the most important devices. Nexus One runs T-Mobile 3G certainly that counts. G2 counts. Vibrant counts. Defy does it for those with tough lives. The mytouch’s were the same development phones google uses including the G1. T-mobile was even so much the premier Android carrier. You all can have yall played over droid lineup seriously how many devices are they going to name Droid? gotta give props though because those commercials truly lifted android up. Evo only gets recognition by me for being first and cool in the beginning but now STFU its nothing special. T-Mobile has a line of quality android devices for many people not just techies. T-Mobile did good this year.

  48. btw I do believe all that needs to be said has been said in my view so I guess I’m done with this post.

  49. @tim242
    I’m going to assume that you use the speedtest.net app on ur evo and the actual website on ur laptop. Ever try the website on the Evo vs the app? U get a much different reading. Give it a try.

  50. Wow…somebody is giving T-mobile a blow job right now. Get off their nuts dude.

  51. @2FR3SH: You are drowning in the koolaid. Tmobile has the smallest network of the 4 big 4. Their 3G is only in scattered dots. Their so-called 4G is a joke. 95% of Sprint’s network is 3G. 100% of their network here in Arkansas is 3G. Talk shit about Sprint if you want. Tmobile is at the bottom for a reason, err many reasons. My Evo works the same everywhere I go. Those tmobile phones you brag about so much only work in a select few areas. Those phones don’t sell either. When is the last time you heard of phone shortages from tmobile? Droids sell like hotcakes, and so has the Evo. Jealous much?

  52. Man why all the hate by some of you on the MT4G. I love mine. Fastest phone out there (which is even more evident if you take off all the GD Bloatware). I have played with every other Android phone out there, this right now is the top dog. Now this is a growing market and in a matter of 2 months it will be the old tech. CES will bring new tech I know.
    As for all you people going on about Verizon iphone. I dont care if you want your Faddy little pos phone. Just dont expect it before 2012 (when apples exclusive rights run out). At which point they will probably have it for all carries. One of the biggest mistakes the iphone had was being exclusive.

  53. The fact that Verizon and AT&T are both going for LTE for data, does not mean that the handsets are going to be interchangeable.. Is Verizon going to totaly drop CDMA ? .. is AT&T going to drop GSM ?… maybe, just maybe 5 to 10 years down the road we might find carrier independent handsets in the US… but I wouldn’t count on it.. At best we might in the somewhat near future finally get interchangeable between T-Mobile and AT&T .. and interchangeable between Verizon and Sprint… maybe.

  54. hey Thank You Brother . Good Sharing..very Very usefull.
    Keep Sharing!

  55. @tim
    first of all, fresh is trolling. and he got you.
    second, tmobile is not nearly as bad as sprint folks make it out to be. you, and all of your sprint cronies, are perpetuating a lie of tmo dropping so many calls. it is simply not true. as for vzw and att, well, they aren’t threatened by tmo…not yet.
    i went on a road trip recently where i hit the entire western half of the US, and not once did i lose signal (used my phone as a gps). keep in mind that it was a camping road trip, so i was barely ever in the cities.
    lastly, i agree with you that the droid line and the evo are good phones. but you know damn well that the fact that they sold out was complete bs. it’s one of two things (or both): creating artificial demand, or the morons at vzw and sprint don’t know how to keep proper inventory.

  56. I never said anything about tmobile dropping calls. I didn’t think there was enough load on their towers for there to be a dropped call problem…I do not know. At&t on the other hand, that’s another story. The EVO and Droid Incredible are the two top selling Android phones, since the OG Droid. There were supply shortages, after the incredible sold like hotcakes. As for the EVO, that is Sprint’s top selling phone ever. It led them to the best quarter in over 3 years! They actually gained customers! So, I doubt shortages were purposely created. T Mobile has some great phones. I wanted a Nexus One. However, those great phones that they have just don’t sell in numbers the way Droids, or the Evo do. T Mobile got the first Android phone, but Android didn’t take off until the Droid was released. Facts are facts.

  57. As far as i’m concerned until either of them have 4G/LTE/HSPA+ whatever available to the public with 4g capable phones, none of their fighting matters to me!

  58. Leave it to the “I want it YESTERDAY ” generation…lmao. I have the MT slide. And it is plenty fast for me. I don’t give a rats sphincter about what is 4G and what is not. Yeah, it may be a lot faster and yeah, it is not “real” 4G. But, you all sit here in these forums bickering like little children saying “my ball is bigger or better than yours”. Grow the f#*k up!!!

  59. Guys we shouldn’t be divided on this subject. I am still pissed off when I see everyone here fighting. I think that cell phone companies should do what Google tried to do. Build a phone to work on all networks and people should be free to choose who they want to go with. I hate what the cell companies are doing to us. They take our money and then kick are A$$ on top of that also. Here we are fighting. Why did HTC build the Evo only on the Sprint network, why did google only build it for AT&T and so on, because they are pigs that’s why. Build a phone to work on any carrier and people will not fight anymore.

  60. I would say they’re not going after T-Mobile because T-Mobile is too pathetic to be considered as competition. I say that as a Detroit T-Mobile customer that rarely gets 3G coverage, and when I do it frequently drops to edge or just plain “G” even when I’m sitting still. When I was a Verizon customer a few years ago, I only had problems with coverage when I was traveling in the most remote parts of Arizona.

  61. Why is T-Mobile even in this discussion? They are a metro carrier posing as a nationwide carrier. Their coverage sucks, and it’s an absolute travesty that all the best android phones are exclusive to them.

  62. Verizon Sucks? T-Mobile sucks?

    Where I live, (Miami) there is not faster carrier than T-Mobile. When they unofficially launched their 4G, according to our tests, Nexus One were getting speed of 8.0 mb per second. That’s really fast.

    Verizon 3G is not as fast as T-Mobile 4g now (obviously)but when they turn their “4g” it supposed to be faster than T-Mobile and Sprint combined.

    Sprint here in Miami sucks, plain and simple. Here at work, (Downtown Miami) it is worst than dial up, I can upload picutres any time.

    They are taking to long to finally launch their 4g and even so, their 4G speed isn’t that great. What makes Sprint grate is the price for their simply unlimited plan.

    ATT is still unknown. Their speed here in Miami is not that great, however, is that bad either. Verizon still faster 3g here. What is keeping ATT alive or was at one point was the exclusivity for the Iphone. I’m pretty sure that where that exclusivity ends, people will take off.

  63. There is NO way that picture is of a bus stop. It is either a light rail station or inside a verizon (or other) store or office.

  64. <———agrees with IncrediBill. :)

  65. Its a picture of merchandising material in a store.

  66. Its funny how Tmobile have and is going to finsh out this year and next start next year on fire but is still being hated on i dont care how fast speeds are in your area in mine there faster then the other three and that mean they win and next year their speed will double to kepp up with everyone else pre-4G hell i say stick with what your calling it if everyone else wanna make false statement bout their network why not join in and if you can beat them im just wait for t mobile to do one of them old alltel commercial dissing every carrier i wish they do it now cause not one carrier can respond back to the statement look at what they did to AT&T them mad them shut up completely i say make sprint quiet down with the first commercial and go after verizon before they fcan even get started just my opinion

  67. I’m too lazy to read all the comments, but getting back to the original thread topid: The Map.

    I hope someone noticed that this poster is extremely misleading. Verizon is displaying 3G to 3G netowrk coverage… on a 4G advertisement. They place little green dots on the markets where 4G is/will be available, and not the actual 4G network coverage.

  68. @Wrceuro: I am going to try and beat the trend here by not being a jerk when i point oiut the flaws in your statement.

    ONE: There is no way to create a phone that will work on all carriers networks at this time and it is not likely to happen ANY time in the near future (Technologies currently in use on various phones:CDMA/ iDen/ GSM/ UMTS(HSPA)/ WiMax/ WiFi, etc.) There is just no engineering need or cost value in trying to get a phoen that works on any carrier. OK so end of that mis-statement.,

    The Various carriers in America invested 10’s of BILLIONS (With a B) on their particular version of 2G and 3G technology, and additional 10’s of BILLIONS of dollars on the spectrum needed to build out those networks. They need to make their money back and profit on those investments, so there is no reason for them to rush to spend more money on a new “Works for everyone” network.

    The majority of the carrier business in the USA is done by AT&T and Verizon (Sprint is still adding primarily PRE_PAID non smartphone customres and losing postpaid customers, T_mobile has their niche, but they can’t keep up with the add rates of verizon and AT&T at this point, so in the real war here (Adding and keeping customers so you can make more money then the next guy) AT&T and Verizon are winning, T-mobile is holding their own and growing slowly and Sprint is still either going backwards or stuck in the mud making little progress. AT&T and Verizon are both going to the same 4G LTE standard but they also will both be using different technology for VOICE and DATA initially. Verizon will have LTE Data and CDMA VOICE phones, AT&T will have LTE Data and HSPA+ Voice phones, so the first year out, there will be no chance of those phnes working on each others network.

    If the Verizon iPhone that comes out (if it ever does)is not LTE, then I hate to say it, but many of the customers that try and go from AT&T to Verizon will end up coming right back after they see the dramatic difference in data speeds for EV-DO versus HSPA 7.2 or HSPA+. The AT&T network has abeen upgraded to HSPA+ in most markets NOW, but they do not have anything but PC Cards to take advantage of those speeds yet. HSPA 7.2 is available on a majority of the AT&T smartphones (including the iPhone 4) now so real world speeds are going to be in the 2 to 4.5 Mbps range. verizons EV-DO Rev A is around 1.2 to 1.6 Mbps on a good day, so an iphone customer going to Verizon would see 1/2 or less the speed for browsing, getting emails, etc. than they would on the iPhone 4. lets hope the first iPhone they get is going to be a LTE version for that reason alone, but the rumors out there now are saying it is CDMA/EV-DO from what I have seen.

  69. Okay, I just have something to say. I don’t even have 100 mb/s downling and 50mb/s uplink where I live. So I’m not really sure how a phone would get it before I have it at home.

  70. *downlink

  71. and from what I looked up that stat is a pipe dream. Pc’s only get about 35 megabytes per second. How can you expect a phone to get 100? damn troll.

  72. In all honesty I think soon we are not even going to care about 3g 4g or whatever. I simply think we will look at it like our land lines (simply by what speed conection we are getting on average). And like current land line companies we will probably be promised and told we are going to get more then we will actually get.
    On another note I like what other people are saying about people fighting on here. I think it is neat that anyone have any android phone. I have met people that have Droids and Evos etc.Why are we fighting with each other about phones when we are all using android. And why the hell are we flaming the morons that are going on about wanting an iphone on our ANDROID forums?

  73. Hate to tell you, but none of the networks actually have 4G… It’s just LTE, which is really still built on the 3G network. It’s 3G with a double band I think, but it’s not 100Mbps, which is part of what defines 4G.

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