Google Formally Briefs Developers on Market Changes; Includes Video Support


There was a lot of speculation regarding what Google was taking the market backend down for earlier, and they spilled their own beans with the revelation of some new application upload options. Since then, they’ve also updated registered developers via email on the changes in juicy bulletpoint form.


For starters, Google will require a “feature” graphic of 1024×500 (tablets?), a required high-res icon with a resolution of 512×512 (likely for the web-based market front-end), will be introducing the ability to upload 8 screenshots in the future and requires 1 overall, and last but most definitely not least, will allow you to upload an optional promotional video to YouTube for users to view right on their phones. It sounds like some even bigger changes are forthcoming and we can’t wait until Google finally pulls the wraps off of whatever else they have in store for us soon. Read the email sent to developers below.


We’re writing to inform you about some changes to Android Market that require your attention.

First, we have added support for a recent changes feature, which allows you to add notes about changes specific to the newest version of your application. You are able to submit these from the Developer Console, similar to descriptions. In the Market app, these notes will appear under the app description as “Recent changes.”

Second, there is now a ‘draft upload’ capability for application updates. This feature enables you to edit your app listing and upload a new version without affecting the version live in Market. Your app listing edits will not change your live listing until you select “Publish.”

Finally, we are adding support for larger promotional graphics to showcase your application. In addition to the currently required app screenshot, you will be required to upload one “feature” graphic. Supported promotional assets will now include:
– A “feature” graphic, landscape aspect ratio, 1024 x 500 (required).
– A high-res icon, 512 x 512 (required)..  The Android icon design guidelines located at apply.
– 2 screen shots, 320w x 480h, 480w x 854h, or 480w x 800h, increasing to 8 screen shots in the future (1 required).
– A link for a promotional video hosted on YouTube (optional).

Thanks, and we look forward to continue working with you on Android Market.

The Android Market Team

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. 8 screen shots in the future + Youtube = Great !

  2. This all sounds pretty great.

  3. i like the YouTube promo video idea. personally, i hope that they allow us to bookmark/star apps because sometimes i dont have the money at the time i discover an app, then 2 days later when i have the money i completely forget what the app was lol

  4. i simply love google, and all their desserts!

  5. Sweet! now all we need is a “wish list” or “tag” feature for apps we plan on purchasing at a later date, a UI overhaul for the market, the ability to recommend apps to friends, and the upcoming google music store integrated into the market and a video store would be kinda neat to.

  6. @ Terrence
    In with that’s a great idea ….+5

  7. More country support?

  8. LIKE

  9. Nice. This might reduce the amount of dodgy indian / chinese apps that have no screenshots and just have an engrish decription of it, hoping people download it!

  10. I have a really good idea for an app, but i’m kinda dumb about programming it…are the tools easy to use??

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