Nov 17th, 2010


Admit it: glasses-free 3D on a smartphone is a pretty cool gimmick. A pretty cool gimmick more than just those in Japan will soon be able to experience. Sharp is set to release their 3D handsets in the Land of the Rising Sun, and while we were pretty impressed with what we have heard and seen about them, it was hard to get excited knowing that they may never see the light of day outside of the island’s shores. But turns out that won’t be the case.

Sharp is aiming to get at least one of their duo of glasses-free 3D handsets out to China, India, and the United States next year. Which version (or versions) we see is unknown. 3D will be cool for games and even converting your own photos to multiple dimensions, but give me a phone where 3D becomes an interactive part of the user interface and I will really be impressed.

[via Gizmodo]

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