LG Optimus S for Sprint Receives Maintenance Update



The LG Optimus S — Sprint’s version of the device that is pulling a Samsung and dropping on carriers everywhere — has been issued a maintenance update bringing the software version of the handset to LS670ZV9. The update contains the normal bug fixes and enhancements, but adds in one key feature: Swype. The software keyboard alternative is coming pre-installed on Verizon’s version, the LG Vortex, so this update brings the Optimus S up to speed with the newest release. More changes include:

  • Remote Wipe Command
  • Enhanced password policies: length, alphanumeric, expiration, history, max failed attempts, inactivity lock, password recovery to the device.
  • Set Out of Office messages from the device
  • Accept/decline/tentatively accept meeting requests from the device
  • Corporate directory contacts search while composing email
  • Delete Exchange Calendar meeting requests and notify participants from the device
  • Modifying an Exchange Calendar meeting request (change date/time, add/remove participats) and notify participants about the meeting modifications
  • Add Swype keyboard functionality as an option when entering text

The update comes in from over-the-air, so you won’t need anything to get it. Heck, you may even find it ready to go when you least expect it as our friend Danny did, who, by the way, we say thanks to for sending along the above picture.

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