Video of Eric Schmidt’s Nexus S Outing


Yesterday, we went crazy as Eric Schmidt – completely disregarding the formal announcement process we’ve all become used to – waved an unannounced device about on stage at O’Reilly Media’s Web 2.0 Summit, Gingerbread in tow. We assumed it could only be what everyone now knows is the Nexus S, and Schmidt’s own tongue-in-cheek “debunking” proved as much. But if you weren’t able to catch it live and if the still shots just aren’t doing anything for you, O’Reilly’s published the entire 45 minute talk to their YouTube channel for the world to see. Point that YouTube scrubber to the 48 second mark and prepare to be amazed. Or disappointed. Or whatever. Just watch it!

[via Engadget]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Im loving the TV in the back ground even more.. what a beast!

  2. Looks like T-Mobile on the home screen. Ugh. God forbid Sprint get a new phone. Seems like every day there’s a new phone rumor and it’s never Sprint.

  3. bc sprint sucks monkey balls

  4. For goodness sake, please please send out an invite with a date, so we know when gingerbread & Nexus S will be released, aaaaarrrrr

  5. Hopefully google teaches samsung how to properly implement android on it’s devices….samsung needs it

  6. @Jim – Ummmm, EVO? Epic? Some people are never satisfied…

  7. I’m tossing out my Vibrant as soon as this phone is released. T-Mobile is kicking ass!


  8. I second the love for that giant TV. Id have to say that I think the next “google” phone will be my next phone. I’m always left wanting just a bit more and given the fact that the original Nexus is still a major contender after all this time, I’m sure the Nexus S is going to be a big hitter for a long time to come.

  9. This is 44 minutes of a phone sitting on an armrest. The people and the talking are only a distraction.

  10. Good for TMO!! Vibrant, G2 & now this!! Keep bringing it, Magenta!

  11. @Brad,yeah evo and epic and thats pretty much it. Sprint has gotten 2 decent android phones for all of 2010, it’s actually a little sad. I’m a little disappointed in google, with their supposed ‘open’ stance on android I wpuld expect them to share the love a bit with the google branded phones. Why is the crapiest network the only one to get them?

  12. @DC: because the “crappiest network” was the first one to work with them in releasing Android (G1.) Maybe they’re just showing Magenta the love by rewarding them with this.

  13. i need this phone. did anyone notice how smooth the live wallpaper was in lock screen mode? compare any android phone when on the unlock screen ,live wallpapers usually stutter. I love you Tmobile. plz release before xmas. Im positive this phone is going dethrone the iphone. WHats apples answer to this?

  14. I want that phone. Tmobile needs to expand their network. Dam U.

  15. you know you think google would play it smart and just release their “flagship” phones with dual bands so people in the US and internationally could just adopt it to their carrier and the carrier they team up with would get the sales… then again it is a samsung, they should probably focus on the gps first

  16. i love how soft/pimp he is about not even hesitating about worrying about competition,lol.

  17. @roger
    They tried to do exactly that with the Nexus One. It was a complete and utter failure. That’s why this time around, they’ve decided to partner up with a carrier. And since TMO was the first to adopt the Android OS, they’re showing them the love. Besides, HSPA+ is the fastest 4G network out there, and will be getting even faster soon. So it only makes sense to put the most bad ass phone ever, on the most bad ass network (in the near future).

  18. @DC
    Why assume that it’s Google’s decision? My hunch is that when Google did the Nexus One, T-Mobile said “sure, we’ll partner with you on this” and Sprint and Verizon said “launching your own phone that we don’t control for our network could jeopardize our current relationship.” AT&T probably said nothing at all.

  19. Prolly b my next Google phone. Man I hope it has the double Michael feature!

  20. Is this Ginger bread ??? http://goo.gl/xP7j

  21. this can only help the 7 million that have the sgs i9000 fw modders out there, big up to XDA who no doubt will have the best roms.

  22. Double Mic* feature that is!


  24. Because the “crappiest network” you might have problems with but hell look at our speed somparded to verizon droid line up, sprint evo, and every phone at&t have we are currently the best our last 5(G2,Mytouch 4G, Motorala Defy,WP7 phones) phones are better then all of sprint & at&t phones and are competeting with verzion right now anll we need ias to expand our network cause with our prices,good(not great) CS, network speed which will be double next year, the only thing hold us back is our limited network

  25. Google, forget this T-Mobile/contract business!! CHANGE the status quo and give us a pure Android phone, unlocked, that can work on any carrier, for less than $200! That’s the only thing REALLY worth doing!

  26. I surprised myself and actually watched the entire video…it was amazing. Eric is a great speaker and I love what he is doing with google. I look forward to watching android grow and become the number one player in the mobile OS war……Nexus S looked sweet and will most likely be my next device (if I don’t cave and buy a Mytouch4G)

  27. Pft, Netcom in Norway is first with LTE ^^

  28. @ebinrock dude that could never happen unless it got a screen size of 3.0, no keyboard, 550 mhz, and straight trash of a phone

  29. Alright nah TMobile I guess they’ve been waiting to realease the good phones when their new network was released. Keep em comin TMobile jus get us one major hit of a phone like Sprint (Evo) and Verizon (Droid) did, than u maybe can pass up AT&T finally. If they jus get a BEAST of a phone they will shit on AT&T & compete with Verizon & Sprint. They’re doubling the speed of their network, doublin their coverage, & adding superphones to go with their fairly cheap prices & 4G speeds wat more can u want? They did a perfect job with the G2 but they could have added a cherry on top if they had added a 4+ inch screen & a front facing camera. But its great jus how it is. Finally TMobile – steps their game up. By the middle of next year they may pass Sprint up if they keep getting better & better. & maybe in the future they may pass Verizon up. Some people predicted this too but some people never saw it coming

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