Chase Mobile App Available Early December, Check Deposits in Tow


I stopped by a Chase bank location earlier in the weekend to resolve some issues I’ve been having with my account and the teller I sat down with noticed my EVO 4G and started watering at the mouth to tell me all about the Android app they have coming out (which we’ve heard about before, but were unable to get any details on.) He showed me the iPhone version of the app – which can be seen in a demo video here – and told me that their Android application will be almost exactly the same with all of the cool features of the iOS version such as mobile check deposits. Naturally, I asked when the application would make its way to the Android market, and he gave me a pretty sure “Early December” window. What’s more is that a tipster of ours also confirmed as much with an internal email that went out to most Chase employees yesterday.

chase android app

Nov 15 2010


A new Chase Mobile application will be available for users in early December! This new application will allow Android users to access accounts, pay bills, transfer funds, send wires, make mobile Quick Deposits and locate Chase Branches or ATMs. However, customers will not be able to make QuickPay payments with the new application at this time.”

I know a ton of you Chase users have been waiting and waiting, but it looks like our mobile banking solution will be here just in time for Christmas to make sure we can easily keep track of all of our finances while we’re out and about spending time with family.

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  1. It’s about time. I’m tired of having to use the mobile site and txt messages to see my balances when I’m on the road.

  2. I’m SO tired of this app being delayed. If you browse forums, Chase customers are being told so many different dates and it just continues to get set back further and further. What is the hold up Chase?

  3. finally…
    so frustrating listening to inerds yap about this


  5. now if only CITI whould stop being so $h!ttY and make an app themselves

  6. I know that I’m not the only one when I say it’s about damn time that there finally giving android. I’m tired of using the mobile site and texting for account balances too.

  7. Finally! But too bad I’m leaving Chase soon because m tired of all their BS.

  8. Definitely need this app yesterday–but am concerned about how secure Chase will be. They’ve overlooked a number of things before…don’t want online access to my account via my phone to be next.

  9. Tired of Chases’ BS too, but I’m kinda stuck with them for the time being. It’s about fraking time they put out this app.

  10. Finally we get the chase app. Im glad android is finally getting all this love, with the Comcast app, and Facebook being upgraded. I love phandroid too, check it everyday, alot of the time to see when my girlfriends will b getting froyo (vibrant) and when im getting gingerbread (nexus one) lol

  11. Yes, the Android app for Chase will be out by the end of the year. Saw the Chase Intranet page devoted to the Android. The testing of the app is almost complete. Patience.

  12. All I can say is FINALLY. The mobile version of the site is pretty terrible.

  13. Awesome news yet one more reason my iPhone 4 is for sale on ebay..

  14. It’s about FUCKING time! Damn, what took them so long? =\

  15. About time! If it isn’t released by the end of the year I’m totally leaving Chase. I opened an account a while ago when I heard of this app only to find out it wasn’t released yet. So basically I have a dormant account that I can’t put money in until they step up their game. Uhg!

  16. I bet Mr. JP Morgan is waiting for the last check from Mr Steve Jobs. Probably contract endind in December, but I would hold my breath. As I’ve stated before on my post comment, lets just all walk in on the same day and close our accounts. Tell them we’re going with BofA. Let them feel the power of DROOOOOIIIIIID! Who’s with me? Com’on! Stop supporting Apple and all their iSuck supporters.

  17. Chase Android app launched! Check Android Market on your phone.Cheers!

  18. It there now!!!!

  19. Chase app just hit the market.

  20. It’s there on the market now; just installed it. Comes with the check deposit feature. Awesome!


  22. Oops, thankful for ” getting” not “get” for Androids

  23. its avail now suckahs!

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