[Update: Still Shot Procured] LIVE: Eric Schmidt Holding What Looks Like the Nexus S with Gingerbread



Well well well, rumors came out regarding the Web 2.0 conference and a Gingerbread announcement, but those were just rumors. And while today’s occurrence wasn’t a formal announcement by any means, Eric Schmidt took to the hot seat with a device that looks JUST LIKE the Nexus S seen spied in various angles. (Look at it, just sitting by Schmidt’s side as if tens of thousands of Android geeks don’t want to get their hands on it. How rude.) We believe this is the Nexus S due to the layout of the capacitive buttons with the “Home” button oddly sitting to the far right – just like the shot on the Best Buy Mobile Magazine’s site. Schmidt didn’t get into Gingerbread extensively, but we could tell that it was the same update that’s supposed to be emerging from the oven any day now. I wasn’t able to get a screen grab as this was going on live, but I’m sure you’ll be able to catch a peek a bit later on once this goes live for on-demand playback.

[Update]: A bit more from their talk with Schmidt. When asked about the Google Phone Store and a new Nexus, before they could even finish asking him, Schmidt clearly states: “I said there’d never be a Nexus ‘2’,” with extra umph on that ‘2’. So Schmidt’s biting his tongue about something, and we think we know what it is. He also stated that Gingerbread – and most likely the Nexus S that’ll be the first phone to don it – will be out within the next few weeks.

Another tidbit that leaked out was that this phone had near field communications capabilities, meaning you could potentially replace your credit cards with your phone or use it for some other NFC-based application. (Something one of our trusted sources tells us Google was looking to do with these next couple of iterations of Android.) The phone he was holding was running on T-Mobile’s network, as well, lining up perfectly with what we learned from Best Buy’s blunder earlier last week. Score!

[Update 2]: Thanks to Engadget, we’ve got the still of Eric Schmidt’s uber-rich hand holding the device right here. More stills courtesy of the fast folks at Engadget. Ooooh, bring it on!


Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Very sexy ;D

  2. Im watching it and saw it.. LMAO

  3. I wanna touch it

  4. I’m dying here… iPhone contract expired a few days ago!

    Think this will be $599 without contract? God I hope not, but I’m still getting it.

  5. wait, wait… are you friggin kidding me? The home button is all the way on the right now? When will this madness end?!?!

  6. I hope I can upgrade to it for about 199

  7. @anakin78z I agree! I’m tired of all this random softkey nonsense.

  8. Hmm is it just me or does this line up with the project emerald that was rumored for t-mobile?

  9. ^
    he speaks the truth

  10. prolly a dumb question, but where can we see the whole interview? anyone have a direct link? Thanks!

  11. i hope to god this isn’t project emerald. i hope emerald is the htc glacier. god, this is bullshit. why would google choose SAMSUNG, aka one of the worst cell makers ever? i have never had a good experience with a samsung phone.

  12. No Gingerbread today!?!? What is this? Rumor after rumor, and still nothing? I’m getting plain mad now. Give me my gingerbread!!!!!

  13. Wasn’t project emerald the mytouch4G?

  14. So when will this come out?

  15. Why on earth do those buttons keep changing order? This is the third pattern I’ve seen for the menu/back/home/search buttons.

  16. If Google designed and tested the device and Samsung simply did the manufacturing then I have faith in the Nexus S. Hopefully they can get it on all the carriers and not just two this time.

  17. looks cheap ….lots of plastic….not the shape and classy finish of an iphone!

  18. Anybody notice the concave look it has?

  19. who is pumpedd,.. Do u guys see a Hspa+ icon??

  20. You know what annoys me most about this picture? The fact that the stupid + and – buttons are still there on maps. These need to go!

  21. its funny they have maps up when everyone knows samsung+gps=epic fail

  22. @Phoenix I think you that working with Samsung is a good move. I own both the Droid X and Samsung Fascinate, and to be honest my fascinate runs alot smoother even sans froyo. So i think Samsung is really improving their game plus. I believe sooner than not Samsung is going going to take the lead in the smartphone game and google using their hardware is a sign of confidence in them.

  23. i would like to see that in motion, has anyone recorded that ?

  24. What size is that screen? hmmmm

  25. My Vibrants runs unbelievably well on 2.2, can’t wait to see stock android and 2.3 at that on a Galaxy S phone!!!!!

  26. http://bit.ly/9SYjJD — IT IS THINNER than the iPhone 4. And it might be dual core… according to AndroidAndMe!

  27. Where is the LED notifying light? Maybe im just a dork but trackball colors and LED colors and CPU LED changer is fun to mess around with on my N1. BTW it looks cheap. Bring back Eric Tseng

  28. @Alex_hce nah, do you see one? I thought it was all ‘3g’ I’m pumped too! hehe *(*,

  29. Nexus S is that coming to At&t or T-mobile?

  30. All four carriers which may be why Google chose Samsung who was able to bring the Galaxy to all four carriers.


  32. @ miguel
    I wouldnt say its coming to all 4 carriers right now its just for tmobile and i would be surprised if vzw gets it they didnt get the nexus one

  33. Project Emerald was T-Mobile’s name for the MT4G…

    HTC Glacier was HTC’s name for the MT4G…

    Now for the Nexus S the rumor for the delay is dual core and optimizing 2.3 for dual core devices. Looks like it will feature a FFC. I think dual core will make it more successful than the initial leaked specs were pointing towards.

  34. home key on the right is a deal breaker i think…That is such a pain in the ass to rach to with your right thumb…plus its probably not going to be on verizon

  35. alex…are you kidding me -_-


  37. Ill stick with my nexus screw all these other p.o.s. phones

  38. @Alex he’s got a point….that could cause some RSI after having to stretch all the way…try it out yourself!

  39. Lay off the Cheetos and your thumb may be able to reach the side of the phone.

    Don’t forget those are capacitive buttons, could be an attempt at preventing accidental presses.

  40. First of all people in this are idiots. People are saying “Sources are that it is going to be dual core with ff camera” Give me a break no one knows anything spec wise about this advice so why start rumors as if they are fact? Just be patient people or this rumor mill will be out of control. It is silly to make specs up because you think people will think that your someone special because you might have some informatioon even tho it is falst. So stop making things up and just stay out of forums period!

  41. home button at far right is a pain to use for one hand operation. Unless of course you’re left handed.

  42. Anyone who doesn’t want Samsung hardware is out of their minds, or is basing that solely on phones before the SGS. Samsung makes 50% of the iPhone parts, the iPhone is incredible even if we all hate steve jobs. Samsung is one of if not the best on the planet at making HD televisions, HD camcorders, bluray players and so on. How could u want HTC or moto when u could have Samsung? It makes no sense. Most people hating on Samsung are repeating what they have heard or read, Samsung androids blew before the SGS and peopme wrote and talked about that which was a legitimate complaint at the time, and yes samsung is downright abusive whwn it comes to updating their phones, but id be one firmware update behind on far superior hardware. So lets not act like idiots and just keep harping on the old androids that Samsung made. Think about how awesome Samsung is at making hardware for modern technology. Any person would want Samsung over HTC or moto in the hardware I listed above, and the software comes from android, don’t be stupid.

  43. Compared to the Nexus One and other HTC phones, the Galaxy S feels plasticy. I know it’s all plastic, but I prefer a little weight behind the phone. Also, the rubbery surface of the Nexus one further improves the feel of the hardware over the (again) plastic feel of the Nexus One.

  44. Samsung suck when it comes to updates but even without the updates Samsung galaxy s phones are solid and very smooth, i had almost every android phone out there Except the ugly looking motorolas made phones and i think that the galaxy s is by far a better phone than all of the others, once you try the 4″ SUPER amoled display is hard for you to go back to any other screen, i tell you is like so additive, google made the right choice here, go Samsung all the way.

  45. Did you saw the screen? We don’t see the difference between the screen and the body of the phone, maybe more than 960×480 resolution

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