Official Chase App Spotted for Android, But What Will it Bring?


After Chase released the latest version of their awesome app for iOS, we were left wondering if they were ever going to make an official trek to Android. If a shot of this app tweeted out by a mobile apps designer is anything to go by, they’re definitely bringing an app. The question is: are we going to get the same app that our iPhone friends have gotten?

chase android app

At first glance (and we can’t confirm anything since this is nothing official and we have no details on how far along development is), it just looks to be a glorified wrapper for Chase’s mobile site. The fact that the first button is labeled “Mobile Web” doesn’t spell well for the usefulness of the rest of the app.

For comparison’s sake, take a look at some of the features that the iOS version has:

Call me bitter, but those are some pretty desirable features I’m sure everyone would like to have. Hopefully this is just a shot of the app in its earlier stages, but being a long-time Chase user (alongside being a long-time Android user) I’ve been waiting for something like what the iPhone app offers and I’m just steadily hoping that’s what we’ll eventually end up with.

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  1. Definatley would love to be able to deposit checks via picture

  2. Definitely would just like to have a Chase app

  3. If it does not have the check deposit feature, it is garbage. You could do the same with web. If you go to the website it is already formatted for mobile browsers.

    I know that is what BofA app does, just a webkit inside an app.

    Lets Go Chase, give us the same features as the iphone version.

  4. Attn JPMC,

    iPhone first is not a business model.

  5. I have a feeling that this will be like the Facebook app for android. Took forever to come out and will take forever to get on the same level as iPhone. That is just how popular ports work.

  6. Agreed with everything mentioned in the article.

    I NEED this app to be as good as iPhone. Chase updates so much of their ATM newtork, but not a cheap prgramming app… FAIL!

  7. Where do I get this? I am sure it will be upgraded to add features as time goes on. Glad they are releasing an app.

  8. I work for Chase and we’ve been told the same iPhone features will be available for android within the next month or so.

  9. I contacted Chase about an android version so I could deposit checks and was told it was in the works. I don’t deposit that many but it would be convenient. Their ATMs are already convenient because you can insert a stack of checks and it will scan them in and do the deposit quickly.

  10. Glad to see people are asking about this potential app, because I’ve been looking/longing for it since I picked up my Droid X. And yes, check deposit please!

  11. Already have that functionality with the awesome banking app from USAA! Chase is only lagging behind USAA’s capabilities by a year or so….

  12. my wife is a banker at chase and from what i hear we will be getting the quick deposit feature !

  13. There will indeed be a Chase Android app, and it is supposed to have all of the same features as the iphone app including QuickDeposit and it is slated for release this fall/winter 2010.

  14. This is not an official Chase release, and I would be very cautious before using it. It seems like it was produced by a naive person who doesn’t quite understand the appropriate use of trademarks or it’s a phishing scam. I would avoid like the plague.

  15. Give it a year. Android sales are already outpacing that of the iphone4. With virtually all the cell phone companies making android phones, apple’s reign will be shortlived. They will never make or allow a “free with contract” iphone and they’ll never let other companies use their software their business model WILL NOT continue to work in the cell phone industry.

  16. I am a pb at chase, and chase is currently working on a android app with quick deposit feature, it should be released by thanksgiving.

  17. There’s a limited contract between Chase and Apple that will let up nearing the end of Q3, which will give rise to the Android official Chase app. Until then, we wait for our Quick Deposit, P2P QuickPay, Ultimate Rewards management, Intl. & Dom. Wire X-Fers and online acct. management.

  18. God damn how much more longer before Chase & Capital one come out with an app. What age are they living in? I’ve had the bank of america app for 2 years now!

  19. Ye this blows…..
    Screw the i-phone, as previously said BOA has had this for android for ages.

    Maybe Chase hasn’t heard of the 100K new android subscriptions per day as noted at google I/O……

  20. I would love to have the Chase Andriod app.

  21. I cannot believe that Chase is paying a “yearly fee” to support iPhone idiot appstore that need a map for that.

    How about creating an app for an “Open” phone/device that has a “1 time” cost for them to create and publish Android Market apps, but they want to appeal to the iZombies with no real idea. And to mention AGAIN they are iPhoning the yearly fee to Apple’s AppStore.

  22. It sounds great that Chase is working in the Android App for access to our accounts. I just hope they can get it done quick. It does not take too many brains to develop the application as the market for Droid Smart Phones keeps growing. I love when I had the access in my old IPhone but I decided to change to a better piece of equipment with less restrictions. Now we have to pay the consequences. Ja Ja

  23. The pictures above is not JP Morgan’s app. It’s from an independent college kid. The app was in the app store and has already been removed. Here’s his website with pics:

  24. Thanks for the post McHale. I knew it was too good to be true. Come on developers, Android is set to sweep iOS to the side! Why the stagnate development? You’d think with freedom from Apple’s tea leaf rules that change when a draft enters the room, people would be flocking! Freedom people!

  25. That was on the market for a short time all it did was link to the website. I think you got some bad info :-(

  26. Chase is developing for Android. I don’t know when to expect an app in the appstore, but it’s coming. And it will be equal to or close to equal to the iPhone app at launch.

  27. Let’s go chase! Show them Android some love!

  28. will app work for boost mobile android

  29. I can tell you my wife is a branch manager at Chase and the information she is receiving says the app will be released in November. I personally can’t wait!

  30. From Chase on my inquire

    Thank you for contacting Chase.

    We appreciate the opportunity to provide the information
    you need. Please know our willingness to help you.

    In the effort to provide better service to our existing
    customers, Chase’s product and service development team is
    currently working on a similar application of our iPhone
    QuickDeposit for Android phones. Android Application is
    available in mid November 2010.

    Chase Android application will be available for download
    and will have functionally consistent with Chase iPhone
    application. Android app will have QuickDeposit
    functionality and eligibility that will mirror iPhone

    If you have any questions or require further assistance,
    please e-mail us via the Secure Message Center or contact
    our Internet Service Center at 1-877-242-7372 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 1-877-242-7372 end_of_the_skype_highlighting.

    Thank you,


  32. Hello chase, i switch from the ridiculous iphone( to much Restrictions ) to the great world of androids (fredom) we are waiting for your app and I hope that the old customers from Wamu that are now chase, can have access to all the features that the chase app offers and please dont make old customer from wamu sign for new contracts with chasse in order to have access to this new apps and benefits. Thanks

  33. I was just in a chase branch today and asked them about the android app, the guy told me he received a memo saying the app is available. But when he tried to find it he couldn’t, he then asked another associate if they have seen the app she said she saw it. I checked the market and online, but haven’t found it yet though.

  34. Contacted Chase today and was basically told they are working on it, but have no clue when it will be released.

    “…We understand how applications via android phones would make your banking easier and Chase strives to provide the highest level of customer service to our customers.

    At this time we don’t have a release date for an android
    application release. I can assure you that our mobile
    banking team is working hard to get this service available
    as soon as possible.”

  35. I work for chase and got an internal notification that the chase android app will be available in early December……

    Internal memo verbatim:

    Nov 15 2010


    A new Chase Mobile application will be available for users in early December! This new application will allow Android users to access accounts, pay bills, transfer funds, send wires, make mobile Quick Deposits and locate Chase Branches or ATMs. However, customers will not be able to make QuickPay payments with the new application at this time.”

  36. What if all of us go in and cancel our Chase accounts and tell them we’re tired of Chase supporting iSucks only! Get with the program Chase! Android IS the future! Even BofA has an app! I’m sure we’ll see this app pushed to our android phones the following day! Power to the people! :)

  37. sent thhe app too my e-mail as soon you can.

  38. Chase Android app has been launched TODAY!. Check Android Market from your phone and get it now! Works sweet!

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