Trademark Filing for HTC EVO Shift 4G Appears, What is it?



In a move that will probably amount to mere trademark hoarding, HTC has filed for the name “HTC EVO Shift 4G.” The filing dates back to October 11th, and that’s about all we know. Whether it eventually goes along with a new phone, a new accessory or software feature, or nothing at all remains to be seen. What do you think?

[via Gizmodo]

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  1. Wow, it would be great, is this going to be the rumored BEVO? Or EVO 2?

  2. Its only the phone Dan Hesse has probably had in his pocket for a few weeks now. The Dual core EVO w/ Qwerty, a Sim slot and a Tilting Screen. A phone he laughs when he uses everyday.

    Think he realized how many more people he couldve satisfied had an EVO came with a Qwerty keyboard in the first place and he wasnt sure about a EVO & EVO Pro type launch at the same time. So, get it over with this time. And people that dont want the keyboard can keep gettin regular EVOs or hold out nearly a Year like those of us that felt passing on an EPIC should be rewarded.

  3. HTC made a personal small little netbook type item using Windows Mobile 6.1 a few years back called the Shift. This just may be a refresh of that item, using Android instead.

  4. An evo s?an evo HD? Hopefully try wil have better batteries

  5. Any chance this will end up being the HTC Mecha for Verizon or is the “EVO” brand tied to sprint?

  6. I would like to see two things. First all phones on all carriers, why not? I know that will never happen, carriers sell devices then service. If all devices were as hot as the iphone,droid, and evo the carriers would be reeling us in with amazing deals, ground breaking data speed, all at affordable prices. But now they have us picking out of their, “4G” pocket and all the extra charges that number 4 brings with it. Which brings me to number 2 the iphone 4 is misleading (however the most excusable it being 4th in the series), evo 4G is amazingly misleading, tmo hspa just like 4G speeds( and that’ll be compared to what 4G!!!!?) And vzn’s lte network?? Is that 4G or actual fourth generation?

  7. Excellent read, I think HTCis the best device……

  8. It’s probably the release name of HTC Knight. Seems to be a Desire Z with a EVO-like capacitive circle buttons. Nothing special it seems.

  9. the evo doesn’t need a physical keyboard. it’s huge. a keyboard on a phone this size would be overkill.

    the option would be alright, but i think the more popular of the two skus is what they should stick with and that would be the non keyboard having device.

  10. Our it could be the white evo sprint just tweeted about

  11. White Evo was out a long time ago.

  12. not from best buy, this one is just from sprint nationwide

  13. @ Brandon

    You cant say the more popular if there was never a comparison to make in the first place. Epic does just fine w/ a keyboard in the 4″ realm. The keyboards size would be no different than TP2/G2 which are the same exact keyboard. You wont have to buy it, but theres more of us that would pay the extra. Why do you think Sprint opted not to have the same Galaxy S phone as all the rest? They said..”Itd be better with a keyboard”

    Besides…the HTC Touch Pro 2 Is still relevant today…HTC Touch is not.

  14. Could this be the EVO with LTE?

  15. and yet the evo is still more popular than the epic.

    you’re in what i’d imagine is a minuscule minority.

  16. My $0.02……will be the physical specs of the original HTC Shift (7in screen, qwerty) with the upgrades of the EVO 4G (capacitive screen, 1ghz processor, Android Gingerbread–if not Honeycomb–Wimax, etc). At the previous weight and size of the original Shift, this could be HTC’s viable alternative to other Android tablets.

  17. I’m guessing its the Sprint version of the HTC Incredible HD, either that or an Evo with a keyboard since its called the “Shift”

  18. I’m with the updated version of original shift crowd. The Shift had such great potential but was plagued with a crappy processor and an even crappier mobile OS. Maybe HTC is looking to release a product with the usability they originally wanted to, hopefully this time with an Atom and Android on board.

  19. Would love for a premium EVO phone to come out with extra “awesome sauce”. How about a faster processor, super amoled screen, more storage, etc. I would be happy to pay more for these goodies and I think there’s a market for it. Lots of people are paying lots more for tablets.

  20. I’m hoping for EVO form-factor, 4G, 4.3 super AMOLED screen, faster processor, new sense, Gingerbread, more internal storage, no bloatware, and available on Sprint by the end of the month when i leave Verizon.

  21. i just need to be able to type on the screen with my nail so i can cut down on the typo’s cuz i type so fast. SO THE EVO SHIFT 4G NEEDS TO COME WITH SUPER AMOLED OR RETINA DISPLAY SCREEN, QWERTY KEYBOARD, A 2MP FRONT FACING CAMERA, 1800 MAH BATTERY, NEW SENSE and more live wall papers and a different notification like how palm does theirs.

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