Motorola MOTOPAD to Be First Android 3.0 Tablet


A tweet by Mobile-Review’s Eldar Murtazin has been floating around this morning in regards to the upcoming Motorola tablet. The statement in questions is that the tablet — which here is referred to as the MOTOPAD — will be the first Android 3.0 tablet. We will assume by 3.0 he means Honeycomb, as we learned a lesson with Gingerbread never to assume version number of the next OS update. Anyway, apparently Eldar is a pretty respected insider, which is why this tweet is being given so much weight.


While I’m pretty sure we have seen reports in the past that already hinted at an exclusive deal with Moto to launch Honeycomb much in the same way they did Android 2.0 (and how Samsung has been given priority with Android 2.3), after BGR picked up the story it seemed worth mentioning. BeeTeeDubs, I doubt this thing ends up being called the MOTOPAD.

[via BGR]

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  1. Damn! I wish we had more info on 3.0! I want specs! Details! Details!!!!!

  2. +1 on prevoius comment made by joedon3

  3. We don’t even know what gingerbread is fully. So I doubt we will know specs on honeycomb. I also assume you mean specs of the device

  4. I like

  5. I don’t really care about the device much, I want to know what goodies await in the OS.

  6. Are they really going to use the word “pad.” That’s pretty bad if so. This would make it a wanna-be and make the ipad look even more supreme. How about being more original. Mototab or something.

  7. As excited as I am for this device, I WILL NOT BUY IT BEFORE ROOT IS ACHIEVED! Just FYI Moto…

  8. Ummm, that’s not really what the tweet says, is it? It says it’ll be the first to show 3.0. It doesn’t even say the first tablet – the first anything. That doesn’t mean it’ll be the first tablet with 3.0, or even the first tablet. It just means it’ll be the first to show it, ie have it running and showed to the public.

  9. As long as they don’t throw some Motoblur bullshit over top of it, I might have to get.

  10. If this is true then that means this will be a Nexus type device but in tablet form. We all know that it takes a few months after Google releases the newest update for Moto to adjust their Motoblur skin. Also I don’t think that Google will want to show their new update Honeycomb on a skinned device.

  11. CES 2011 here we come can’t wait to see it!

  12. Why 7 in??? – Where are the 10 in Android tablets? So far the only tablet that continues to look good (assuming it ever gets released) is the Notion Adam.

  13. I agree with joedon3, the hardware is less important than the software. Ultimately, the iPad is successful solely because of the software. Apple could have come out with a 7in, and the world would have thought that to be the basis to measure tablets against. But the software, the apps, the usability is everything, and Android/Google needs to fully embrace this. I think it’s going in the right direction, but the Tab only brought us half there. Purchasing movies/tv shows and music is still a huge gap for the general user. Media Hub sucks so badly, I couldn’t imagine using it. It is not the answer, and doesn’t compare with iTunes.

  14. 7 inch?? WHY?? Go for the 9,7 right away dammit!

    NOT happy.

  15. Sadly I’m with the crowd clamoring for something bigger than 7″
    I’m good with 8 or 9 if they don’t want 10, but after seeing the galaxy tab I’m a bit jaded on the 7″ form factor

  16. Isn’t Gingerbread capable of using screens larger than 7″??? SMH its gonna be another fucking big phone tied to a damn data plan. Probly won’t be a wifi only version.

  17. When will manufactures realize that 7 inch tablets are awful? Tablets should be made to compete with netbooks, not high end cell phones… MOTOROLA MAKE A 10 INCH ANDROID TABLET THAT CAN ACTUALLY COMPETE WITH THE iPAD….

  18. MOTOPAD? Seriously? What a terrible name. they couldn’t get more creative than Company name+(i)Pad?

    Do all manufacturers think that if they compete toe to toe with iPad they will automatically fail, so they must build a 7″ tablet instead of a 10″ one? I hope they know that customers will also automatically think it should be cheaper than a 10″ tablet. I’d rather see them build a 12″ one if they really want to go down this road. 7″ is way too small.

  19. I shall call it the MOPED from now on.
    Not really that big on Moto devices, but I guess this could be an indication that these tabs are closer than I thought.

  20. I hope this isnt going to be a Verizon exclusive…Isnt Verizon suppose to get a 10inch Moto tab as well(stingray?)…Now If only htc will announce their tab!? I decided a long time ago that the android tab I would probably get would be HTC or Motorola since they have the best track record out there for Android Phones..

  21. I personally don’t think it will be 7″. Motorola would be idiotic after seeing the success of the iPad compared to the success of the Galaxy Tab. Why would they even want to directly compete with the Galaxy Tab, rather than the iPad? Seriously. You would think Google, Motorola, and Verizon would want to launch something that would allow them to put new meaning behind Droid Does, and compare it directly to the shortfalls of the iPad. They cannot accomplish this with a 7″ model. Release a 7″ and 10″, but certainly launch the 10″ first.

  22. Dude, quit trying to make “BeeTeeDubs” happen, ok? It’s never going to.

  23. I should add…

    Obviously, I plan on buying a tablet, but I will not purchase anything smaller than 10″, and I personally will not buy anything without it being LTE-capable.

    Other items on my wishlist include:

    – Capable of landscape docking, so when it’s charging, it can also act as a picture frame and/or info-station (weather, stocks, sports scores, etc)
    – HDMI out
    – SDXC compatible (no micro or mini)
    – Built-in stylus for on-screen writing (may sound stupid, but not to us business users. Client signatures, etc)
    – Front-facing Camera, but that should be obvious
    – Launch accessories should include a folder-style case with built-in full QWERTY.
    – ATSC tuner? ;-)

  24. I actually want a 7″ tablet as the 10″ doesn’t fit in my purse. However, if the first generation of this device has as many bugs as my Droid X has experienced, I’ll either wait until gen 2 or look at the competition. My first Motorola phone in many years has left me with a bad taste in my mouth.

  25. People bash the 7inch form factor, but having taken a risk on the galaxy tab, i am absolutely loving it. 10 inch be damned 7 inch is where its at. Besides its not the size, its what you can do with it!

  26. 3.0? i thought gingerbread was going to be 2.3

  27. heres a thought….what about the motorola slate??? or just the moto slate its a lil more original…just a thought

  28. How about dubbing this entry “MoTab?” MotoTab would be more ‘brand-ish,’ but I like the idea of having Mo’ Tab. (And yes, 9-10-inch range would be cool.

  29. I like the 7″ inch mobile concept but i think they should add a slide keyboard since it’s supposed to be like a computer. And maybe make it more durable.

  30. TO MOTO: 7 is a thing of the past, 9 is the competition niche!!!!!!! GET WITH IT!

  31. They should make an android tablet with a phone built in and voice control, then I would really be interested and I know a lot of others would be too!

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