Sprint Galaxy Tab Now Available for $399.99; Sacramento Wakes Up to 4G; White EVO 4G Available at Sprint


If you haven’t already heard, Sprint’s Samsung Galaxy Tab started going on sale yesterday – just 3 days after they started taking pre-orders for the device. Some of you who jumped the gun have probably already gotten the sweet chance to grope your new 7-inch Android-based wonder, but if you haven’t, be sure to stop in at a Sprint store today to check out the Samsung Galaxy Tab. If you’re persuaded to buy, be prepared to throw down $399.99 after a two-year agreement for a $29.99 per month data plan minimum worth 2GB. ($59.99 will get you 5GB and unlimited messaging.)


And for those with 4G devices in Sacramento, California, your airwaves have been filled with Sprint’s 4G goodness this morning, according to overly-excited users filling our inbox up. We can only assume that more Californian markets will be lit up leading to the launch of the new high-speed data network in Los Angeles (supposedly by November 1st.)

Finally, if you were waiting for Sprint to start stocking their own white HTC EVO 4G (Best Buy was the sole retailer, previously) then today’s your lucky day as it’s made its trek to the yellow-adorned carriers’ various corporate retail locations. You’ll still need to plop down $199, but remember that that’s after a $100 mail-in rebate (something you don’t have to worry about when buying it through Best Buy.) [Sprint]

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  1. I want to know what app is running on the Tab!

  2. That looks like Google Maps

  3. The app running in the screenshot is LAYAR. not Google Maps.

    Also, Sacramento has been covered in 4G for quite some time now! Majority of upper Sacramento has 4 coverage. Sadly, I still have yet to see any of the 4G

  4. i checked one out yesterday at the Sprint store. i gotta say, it felt perfect and looked a lot more proportionate than i thought it would. i think 7 inches is the perfect size for a tablet (or atleast one that you would like to bring with you everyday). if you put an Evo in landscape mode thats how wide the Tab is in portrait mode, and its about 2 1/2 Evos (landscaped) tall. the ONLY thing thats holding me back from getting one is those dual-core Android 3.0 tablets coming out in the beginning of the year

  5. Dont see the point in buying a White EVO…..unless u look at the back of the phone often.

  6. Of course theres no point in a color…it called a preference

  7. terrence I agree with you, with the dual core 3.0 coming in the 1st and 2nd Q of 2011. I think I will wait to see what those prices are like and hopefully no montly fee’s.

  8. @MsRandall: The “white” part is only the backing. The front is the same color. It’s not white throughout. Which is odd.

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