Comcast Bringing Xfinity Remote App for Android by the end of this Year


All you loyal Comcasters or Xfinityers out there have something to look forward to before that second “0” in 2010 turns into a “1” as Comcast – alongside the launch of their apps for iOS devices – has announced plans to bring the app to Android by the end of this year. (A month and a half, so you won’t have long to wait.) Currently, the iOS apps allow you to browse and search channel listings, set shows to record, remotely change the channel and play back recorded content, and more. In a future update, they will be adding video streaming, but they didn’t mention in what capacity. (All shows or just certain networks?) Anywho, we’ll certainly be here waiting for

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  1. I hope the service improves when they bring out the app.

  2. I won’t say what I’m thinking right now. Blackberries have been around longer than Android. Comcast has wasted no time on the Android app, while those of us who have a Blackberry are still waiting on the app, which for the past year at least has been “coming soon”.

  3. Is that before or after Comcast Tivo service is available?

  4. YES!!! Android app coming, my wife is playing god with the remote now since she has an Iphone. I will be able to take over now.
    On the blackberry thing…blackberries are work phones, not fun phones…work on blackberry, play on android…

  5. Update: Today, December 3rd, Comcast Mobile App will change its name to XFINITY Mobile App and XFINITY Mobile App 3.0 for Apple devices will be released. Android 2.0 release has been pushed to December 7th. Once a customer has upgraded/download the new XFINITY Mobile App, XFINITY Mobile App and XFINITY TV App will work in conjunction with one another.

  6. I’m sorry to say that the app is delayed longer than anyone thought. It is already Feb. 2011 and it’s still not here. I suppose a ray of hope today is that the “TV Everywhere” was released to iPad, and that is the first step. I was tired of waiting and since I work at DISH Network and I moved to an apartment that can get signal I just switched to DISH and now I have a Sling adapter for my 722 receiver. It’s the best thing ever. Now I can watch live TV on my laptop when I go out to eat where there is internet access. I don’t pay for internet (which you have to get Comcast internet and TV both) so surfing the web and watching TV at the same time is convenient when I’m out.

  7. It’s already here. Just search for Xfinity in the droid market.

  8. I realized after I posted and I was looking at another similar website that this is a remote app for the DVR, but a news post that day (Feb 3rd) was saying that the live TV option was only available on the Apple iPad. It was my mistake for posting on an unrelated application. I guess DISH Network is still the clear choice for mobile TV. I’m not sure if you want to watch live TV on your phone but I sure like it when I’m at lunch and the conversation at the table is boring. Plus it gives me more time at home to watch other shows when I can squeeze in (without commercials)an episode of Glee I recorded on my DVR. (I’m addicted to TV if you can’t tell.) My only question is whether you know of any TV addiction support groups?

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