T-Mobile G2 Overclocked to a Blazing 1.9GHz


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Who said the G2 was slow? How about we take that paltry 800MHz and kick it up a notch? Now that the thing can be rooted permanently, might as well overclock it until it melts. Well, no reports of any melting just yet, but the G2 has seen an increase in speed twice over and then some, with a top clock speed of 1.9GHz achieved.

If you didn’t figure it out already, this was of course accomplished by the crafty folk over at XDA Developers. Head over to the source link below if you want to give it a try.

[XDA via TalkAndroid]

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  1. Still can’t believe we’re in a time where we compare cpu clock speeds on our phones! This is awesome…

  2. thats a bit too much…

  3. I hope this isn’t like the Galaxy S OC to 1.6 where they decreased the BUS speed to get higher multiplier, resulting in incorrect reporting…

  4. G2 best android phone:}

  5. @joedon3 nope, its a legit overclock :)

  6. There is never too much :)

  7. I wonder how long the battery life is at 1.9 GHz. I’m betting not good lol.

  8. When I start working with my friend who just got a G2, I’m gonna convince her to let me do this lol

  9. Scorpion processor is indeed powerful. Even without overclocking, it’s a lot more snappy than my N1 ever was.

  10. @Steve

    Definitely not as good as stock speeds. They DID up the voltage to make it more stable. But just know that overclocking and underclocking your cpu does nothing to your battery life unless you change the voltage.

  11. @Kelvin, yes it does. The voltage may not be different but the amount of electricity its using is increased/decreased with the clock speed.

  12. Oh my god!why was this G2 so seriously underclocked?that’s a hole nother gigahertz. Maybe snapdragon is better than hummingbird? now lets see how it compares to Orion once again by samsung. I might just get the G2 if the Nexus S falls through but I have no need for a kb plus I’d rather MT4G but if only it was stock… oh well.

  13. People are so desperate to overclock this phone, it must be really damn slow

  14. @Justin
    Nevermind, you’re right. I’m thinking about current, not power. Raising the clock speed will consume more power, but you can undervolt to compensate for the increased consumption in power…right??? I can’t believe I’m an EE major -___- Freshman ftl

  15. The G2 should be the new Google dev phone. It is a more than worthy replacement for the N1.

  16. If you set the CPU to “on demand”, it doesn’t change that drastically. I know that on my Samsung Epic, and from feedback from people from XDA, overclocking from 1 to 1.2 GHz doesn’t really do much to battery life. At 1.6 GHz, it will have some effects, although if you set it to “on demand” in setCPU, you should be fine.

  17. I’ve been using this phone about a month now…it’s pretty fast stock and it gives me incredible battery life. I heard endlessly about how the 800MHz would be too slow. Whatever, let the haters hate.

  18. T-Mobile u bastards u did it again ;-)! Cant wait to get this phone Thurday! =)

  19. I can’t go back to ugly screens.

  20. How would this affect the overall lifespan of the device?

  21. @Ronak
    As with anything, if you overclock the cpu, the cpu’s lifespan shortens. Will it die within the two years before your contract is up…possibly. Who knows? :P

  22. i was just wondering if u live in antarctica…. :O

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