Samsung Galaxy Tab Source Code Now Available


Throughout all of the American launches and announcements of their Samsung Galaxy Tab, Samsung’s gone ahead and published the source code for the device, as required. Considering the Galaxy Tab has already been rooted, we can’t imagine the community will be sleeping on their chance to download these bits and bytes and lines of code to their desktops. If you’re a developer who owns a Galaxy Tab then be sure to download it now over at Samsung’s website, linked in the source. [Samsung]


Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Sweet! Rooted my device last night and removed some bloatware, some icons are still present though so I need to know how the TouchWiz UI thinks it needs to display icons so I can finally remove them too.


  2. So you guys know, the part number is SCH-I800


  3. i love this tab too bad gonna return it cause they already making one with a amoled screen ill just wait for that one but this is a nice tab!!!

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