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Pulse News has announced that they’re making their application free to download on the Android market following a desire to pull in a bigger userbase. They’ll find other ways to monetize the apps so users won’t have to fork up the dollar or two they once had to pay before. If you haven’t already checked Pulse out, it’s an RSS reader that pulls articles and links in from Facebook and other sources and shows them to you in a newspaper headline style. It’s one of the many unique ways to view the news that matters to you on Android, and it’s now free if the price tag was keeping you from trying it out before. Go ahead and download it now by scanning the QR code below (or by searching for “Pulse News” in the Android market.


Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Aw man…I actually paid for that one before. Oh well.

  2. sucker ! :P

  3. Could we be looking at a contender against NewsRob as the thing, other than Chandroid, I use the most while on the can?

    jerbear: I know the feeling.

  4. dude that QR code is for something else

  5. Great, I was hesitating whether to buy it or not, problems solved :P

  6. With Pulse’s announcement today, the news reader is category is clearly heating up. What is interesting to note are the different approaches:

    -Pulse has put a nice front end on a traditional RSS reader. While the user experience is good, the user has to manage sources which can lead to information overload and the discoverability of great content outside of your usual RSS feeds is low.

    -The other approach is my startup, YourVersion which focuses on topic based discovery (vs. source specific like RSS). With YourVersion we bring you the latest, relevant content tailored to your specific interests. There is no need to manage sources — YourVersion does all the heavy lifting to bring you the best of the web by your specific interest. You can also share your discoveries via email, Facebook and Twitter. In addition to the website we have free iPad, iPhone and Android apps to discover on-the-go.

    I’d like to invite you try YourVersion today. I’d like to hear what you think.

  7. @Sylvanus No thanks, I didn’t come to android to see iphoney UI, why can’t just “normal” apps keep the philosophy of android UI?

  8. @Sylvanus
    I have to agree with sid on this. I don’t like the look of that. Too “iPhone” and “Facebook” like.

  9. Hmm latest update has broken a couple of my feeds and doesn’t see to look as good as the old version..

  10. I still can’t find anything that beats FeedR. Which is fine by me.

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