Samsung Galaxy A and S in Korea get Froyo, As Does Vodafone’s Galaxy S


It’s been confirmed that Samsung’s pushing out the upgrade to Android 2.2 to their Galaxy S and Galaxy A in their home turf of South Korea right now. (It wasn’t said if this included the carrier-specific offerings, so we’ll assume that those are excluded, for now.) Those on Vodafone may also be seeing the upgrade to Android 2.2 very soon as they’ve started pushing their specific upgrade out to their customers. This follows the widescale European rollout for unbranded/carrier-agnostic Galaxy S devices not too long ago. Be on the lookout for these upgrades and let out a big sigh of relief after you’ve received them. Then let’s hope Samsung gets things rolling a bit quicker for the impending Gingerbread release. [via Samsung Hub, Vodafone]


Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. this is bollocks. do samsung and american telcos hate america? where’s the US froyo update? oh, i know, it’ll probably launch the same week as the gingerbread announcement.

  2. @GuyverV, I’m with ya man, this is madness. You think we will get froyo when gingerbread hits: that’s optimistic. At this rate we’ll be lucky to get froyo before honeycomb shows up!

  3. LMAO AT GINGERBREAD COMING TO THE GALAXY S. If you go to the Samsung product info on our versions, this is what you see “Powered by the latest Android platform (and upgradeable to 2.2)” DEAD END is what my Vibrant faces after 2.2.

  4. one reason I will never buy another samsung cell phone. Too bad they have some nice hardware just sucks they dont keep up with updates

  5. You could always flash a 2.2 rom like Cognition. I have Froyo running on my Captivate right now and it’s slick.

  6. But the marks in the US keep taking the bait, so as long as Samsung continues the sting (selling stuff that Mostly works), they’ll continue to ignore the existing cUStomer basewhen it comes to fixes and updates. Oh, and a big shoutout to the US carriers, who are part and parcel of the sting.

  7. @Pimpstrong, I can see your point but I actually do think that this phone is capable of recieving the yummy gigerbread goodness…but the information posted wouldnt make since to most people if it said anything other than 2.2 because thats the next logical step in the process. Not that I would mind skipping Froyo right onto to Gingerbread. :D

  8. @hampteezy
    by the time gingerbread would come to the phone it would be time to upgrade again at the rate they are going. Most people are about halfway through their upgrade anyway and still no froyo and gingerbread still has yet to be announced so it will be months at the earliest after it is released that you can even begin asking when and if it will come to the galaxy s in the US

  9. Man the Galaxy S 2 will be out before the Vibrant gets Gingerbread IF Samsung has comitted themselfs to giving it to us.

    @ Hampteezy – its not a question of capability. The Nexus one is technically considered outdated compared to the Galaxy S but I’m willing to bet that the N1 will get Honeycomb as well as Gingerbread. It’s only a matter of if the fuckin carriers feel like cooking the updates for the handset. Look at the G1 running 2.2 thanx to XDA and the like. Samsung may give up on the GS and then we will all be forced to either buy a new phone or hack the updates into it.

  10. I am just as frustrated as everyone else about a froyo update from samsung but in the mean time we have developers to feed us our unofficial froyo needs. Besides when the Nexus S comes out there will be no need to worry about updates as google will handle that for us. Oh and Honeycomb will never be for mobile phones…..it’s just for tablets its designed for a larger screen.

  11. I seriously doubt Samsung will give up on their Galaxy S. They’ve got way too much invested in this series by putting it out on multiple carriers. Galaxy S is here to stay and it’s only a matter of time before we get some gingersnap goodness. I suppose in an instant gratification world, some people are too impatient.

  12. yeah i agree. Samsung has invested too much into the galaxy s series. This was their first real challenge against the iPhone. They will support Gingerbread.

    Think about it. How long did froyo reach non-N1 handsets?

  13. do you think that Samsung would pay Google enough to let Samsung take care of the updates “Google, you do too much, let us take care of our ‘customers’ and handle the updates for this phone”

    Blam, GS2 users screwed all over again. Think about it.

  14. @Adam That is stupidest thing I have ever heard. “Hey Google, our programmers don’t have enough work. Let them take care of the updates.”

  15. I dont care what the reason is as to why 2.2 isnt out yet on US Galaxy S phones anymore. If they dont change their ways and start pumping out updates faster and give gingerbread same time as other androids get it, this will be the first and last Samsung phone I ever buy. SAMSUNG I HOPE YOU ARE READING THIS.

    Kicking myself for not getting the HTC offering instead. :(

  16. This isn’t new news. If you actually bought a Samsung thinking you would get support you should have done your homework. This is and always has been Samsungs way of doing things..

    Release broken product and move onto the next one.

  17. Samsung folks, hope you’re reading this. Your galaxy s phones suck! Great hardware, but a lousy implemention of software. Everything takes a lot of time to do with my captivate. It is not as fast as some other andoird phones on the market. You should rethink your strategy going forward. This was your one-time shot, and you guys blew it.

  18. I beleive its not samsung at all, it is the carriers (US mostly) im willing to bet the release has been finished for months, but they (att im looking at you)have not figured out how to bill you for the features such as WIFI Hotspot connectivity or the tethering… if you remember the KIES fiasco, the “update” to keis all of a sudden did not support the US captivate…hmmmmmm….

    we also have to remeber that android is android was originally an OS built around a phone, not a phone built around the OS. there are so many variations of phones, its rather difficult to tweak something that has so many variancies. the captivate is able to support up to gingerbread, but i think its safe to say that due to att’s anal retentivness, we wont see it till the late summer of 2011.

    Im sure froyo will be here before years end…

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