Samsung Fascinate Getting Maintenance Update Soon?


One of our trusted moderators over at seems to have come across some information regarding a maintenance upgrade for Verizon’s Galaxy S – the Samsung Fascinate. According to him, this won’t be the upgrade to Android 2.2, but it’s possible that this could be a precursor leading into the fabled upgrade. Another possibility is that this will be to add Verizon’s V Cast apps store which they confirmed would be rolling out to all of their Android devices sooner or later. No date was mentioned, but we’ll be on the lookout, as usual.


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  1. I actually have no idea what I’m talking about and personally, I feel that I’m very ugly.

  2. they said 2.2 was suppose to be today at 8pm….wtf mate

  3. If all this “maintenance update” is going to do is add Vcast apps I think I’ll skip it and wait for 2.2. Gotta admit, thats one good lookin phone right there!

  4. I have fascinate and its a great product all around… Would like froyo, although I am not techie geek enough to know what it will really do for me.. Ha, ha!

  5. it will make it more delicious

  6. I’m a girl damn it!

    @Fake OTD up there in the first post. Your mom called, she wants her basement back.

  7. and damn vodafone is getting 2.2…while we have to wait…maybe ill write santa a letter?

  8. The main thing we have to look forward to with the 2.2 update is Flash 10.1, which will enable you to view multimedia rich websites and videos using your phones browser.

  9. You dont need Flash anyway, i can seem most web content with Skyfire, or Media player( which plays most anything using their web function.

  10. Went into a Verizon store and I was told the update for set for December 21st (Boston, MA)

  11. They was suppose to send the Froyo update tonight and sent this stuff. I can careless about some V Cast Apps when I already have a section in the Marketplace. What’s the point really give?? Give me the damn FROYO… Well since I have been waiting this long give me Gingerbread instead… lol

  12. Can’t wait for any kind if update

  13. vcast? More verizon bloatware? Oh come on the phone has enough verizon advertisements and bloatware running in the background of my phone using up resources that I don’t want. I might just haver to live with 2.1 because I do not want more bloatware on my device… Keyword MINE

  14. You meaning to tell me gingerbread almost out and 2.2 isn’t coming out. What is wrong with verizon? They going nuts or what? Not enough bloatware or what.

  15. Per Samsung it will be up to each individual US carrier as to if and when they will release Froyo 2.2 to Galaxy S devices. With AT&T losing its exclusivities to the Iphone in 2011 and the introduction of the overally hyped VZ Iphone along w/ the fact that most carriers(minus at&t) will have their 4g network up and running I am guessing that if the galaxy phones in the US will even recieves the OTA to froyo 2.2 until Q1 of 2011. These updates I suppose are to try and correct the faulty gps that each carriers phone encounters. This to avoid a possible class action lawsuit which could result from false advertising, since the phones don’t do as advertised.

  16. My fascinate needs to be put on a diet. This phone is at the verizon buffet and verizon has been over feeding this phone. It’s pretty bloated. Please verizon lets get the update out lean up the machine and speed it up. Your putting bandwidth caps on this phone at least let it run lean and quick on what little juice you feed it. 5 towers by me but 4 bars is best you will do least make phone nice for us….need wi fi fix to…

  17. Haha honestly I’m willing to wait as long as I can for android 2.2 cuz in reality right now there sending froyo for galaxy s phones in other countries around the world as we speak and by the time it hit the U.S they would have found problems and fixed them way before we get android 2.2 hahaha don’t sweat it maybe will get gingerbread (android 2.3) who knows? But im willing to wait for it

  18. Verizon get your head out your butt! We got this nice phone and we can’t get 2.2! Well give us 2.3! We DON’T want your bloatware it takes up to much space on our phone!!!! CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW!


  20. Give me 2.2 or 2.3 or I go to at&t I want flash player

  21. All we get is lie on top of lie stop lying and give us the upgrade

  22. Supposed to got upgrade on 1 10 11 still no upgrade wtf

  23. Very upset about no upgrade

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