Sony Ericsson’s LiveView Accessory Now Available in Europe


Sony Ericsson’s wrist watch turned ultimate update machine – being dubbed LiveView – is now available in Europe just as promised. It’s being offered for about 59 Euros in France, 49 pounds in the UK, and about 42 Euros in Germany, we’re hearing. LiveView links itself up to your Android phone to pull down the updates that matter to you as it sits comfortably atop your wrist as if it were a watch itself. (And it is a watch, too, for what it’s worth.)


At first glance, many questioned the worth of this little thing, and I won’t lie and say I didn’t, but I’ve grown to want one over time. Think of it as Samsung’s “Ticker” on the Continuum except it’s compatible with nearly every Android phone released to date and it’s actually more useful on your wrist than an extra screen is on the actual phone. Yep, that about sums it up. See if you can hunt one of these down throughout Europe.

[via EuroDroid]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Looks too big for a wristwatch if you ask me. I’m still not sold. I don’t mind the idea, just the execution.

  2. One critical flaw:

    It needs more cowbell.

  3. @Mitchell – That can be done… :)

  4. Pointless…

  5. Quite tempted with one of these. Need to see just how daft it looks as a wristwatch :-D

  6. I would totally nerd out with one of these for that price.

  7. So where can you buy one of these to have it shipped to the USA?

  8. Anybody know the cheapest place to order them and have shiped to the USA?

  9. i wanted one, but not anymore seeing as it requires BT2.1
    curse this slightly outdated acer liquid with BT2.0…

  10. ROFLMAO I’ll get one for my GF for Christmas & see if she dumps me over it. She’s not as geek as I am I’m getting her there though! She has a Droid X and she even let me root it!

  11. “She has a Droid X and she even let me root it!”

    I’m assuming you’re talking about the Droid X right? :p

  12. I’m due for a new watch, mine doesn’t keep correct time sometimes. :-(
    The price isn’t too bad, I’d definitely get one.

  13. will this work on my moto droid 1 and is there any way i could get one of these imported from europe by the holidays

  14. I totally want one of these. I think it would come in handy with workouts and hikes so I can leave my phone in my pack or on a machine and not have to diddle with it while in the middle of some activity.

  15. Apparently Expansys is selling them shipped to the US for $99. I went ahead and pulled the trigger on one, this looks incredibly cool.

  16. Not sure where the prices listed above come from. The UK price shown in the article is £55.99.

    If it’s available cheaper, I’d like to know.

  17. Need a new watch since MSN watch service ended awhile ago. Just ordered it. I live in the US so let’s hope for the best.

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