Rogers Launches Galaxy Tab, $675 Contract-Free



Rogers has thrown their chips into the Samsung Galaxy Tab pot with the release of the tablet on their network. It’s the same old Galaxy Tab priced at $674.99 without a contract. At various terms you can knock the price down, with the Tab costing $599.99 on a one-year deal, $564.99 on a two-year deal, and $539.99 on a three-year deal.

The tablet should be available for online order beginning today or tomorrow. Soon our Canadian neighbors will be able to Tab it up with the best of them!

[via TalkAndroid]

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  1. Wow, that subsidized pricing is brutal. It’s about $30 in Korea on a 3 year contract.

    I’m 90% sure that these contracts are unlimited data just like the Galaxy S contracts (I live in Korea and get unlimited data, unlimited incoming calls and texts. 300 outgoing texts and 200 outgoing minutes…unless i have those last two backwards), that plan costs me 55,000 won and that’s like $40.

    “Running on Google’s latest version of Android 2.2, the Galaxy Tab is available at 36,000 won ($31.91) on a three-year contract with a monthly service fee of 55,000 won, according to an SKT official.

    The cost of the device will increase to 267,000 won if consumers choose to go with the most commonly-used two-year contract of 55,000 won per month, the official said.

    Consumers could also pick a 12-month or an 18-month contract and the monthly service charges range from 55,000 to 95,000 won.”

  2. i called them…they said they cannot found it in thheir inventory!

  3. that’s because it’s not available through the phone. retail stores only

  4. So is it up for retail sale already, or pre-order?

  5. I checked with a retail store in Vancouver and they said “uhh yeah, it’s a little delayed.”

  6. Will the rogers version be able to dial out like the unlocked version and NOT follow the path of the USA galaxy tab’s..?

  7. Nope, data only.

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