Motorola Files Suit Against Microsoft as their Patent War Rages On


motorola-logoMicrosoft has sued Motorola twice in as many months, and the phone manufacturer has had enough. Today they are firing back with their own lawsuit against the technology giant accusing the Windows Mobile maker of infringing on patents in several of their key products.

Motorola Mobility cites 16 patents being infringed upon across Microsoft’s PC and server software, Windows Mobile, and Xbox. You may recall just yesterday MS filed a suit claiming Moto was unfairly asking for royalties for technology deployed through Xbox.

We are sure this isn’t the last suit to come out of this battle. Prepare for things to get messy.

[via MobileBurn]

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  1. I think I like MOTO better than all other Android phone makers. They are so loyal to Android, it melts ny heart. Fuck Microsoft!

  2. You have a point about Moto being loyal to android, but their MotoBlur or whatever you call it on Droid 2 & Pro fails in comparison to HTC Sense UI on the Incredible.

  3. @keller,
    i know the feeling, but you have to watch out. these big corporations are like raccoons. they can be very cute, and you just want to give them a love filled hug, and then they turn around and give you a rabies filled bite. or the neighbors dog runs up and tears the thing apart.
    as you might have guessed, the raccoon in this case is motorola. with all it’s cute antics, you dont mind it that you might have to clean up around your trash can in the morning. the neighbor’s dog is microsoft. let’s hope that it is inside for the night. also, if the raccoon ever attacks your cat (does something that you really dont like), you can easily shoot it.
    don’t get too close to any one corp. just enjoy their antics from afar. and that way, if they ever screw you over, it wont be so difficult to say screw it.

  4. lets keep it clean guys:)please post your favorite games and favorite alternate home-screens names on this forum:)Thank you.

  5. Well said pieter.

  6. The patent wars are getting ridiculous, it’s like they want to prove that the patenting system is flawed or something.

  7. @Pieter
    “don’t get too close to any one corp. just enjoy their antics from afar. and that way, if they ever screw you over, it wont be so difficult to say screw it.”

    You hit it on the head.

  8. Please, Who care?. They are in business to make profit for their stockholders. If screwing you is profitable they’ll do it. If dumping Android was more profitable they would do it. And when it’s all done, the result will be the best they could work out for themselves. At no time will what YOU want come into their discussions.

    I don’t believe Loyalty should be ascribed to a product or brand. Choosing a productshould be based based on it’s merits.

    My experience with Moto goes back to car mounted business radios, and early cell phones. I found their products always well made and durable–if bland looking. Many will disagree, and here again I stress I talking about the Moto products I have owned. That said, any other manufacturer who produces a quality product that has better features that I may need or want will be in the running. They may get my business, but no corporation will get my “loyalty”, because I guarantee, I will not get theirs–that is given only to their stock holders.

    At this point the D2G appears to be my next phone. If only I could get Sense on it. I understand LP can replicate Sense to some extent? Anyone?

  9. Its hard not to get close to a specific company when they do something you like, or they do it well.
    Like I will probably pick Moto first over others just for reception.
    Many ppl prefer Sense UI so you have lots of ppl loyal to HTC.
    It can be hard to not be loyal sometimes….

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