Nexus S Spotted in Best Buy Mobile Flyer



Oh look, an unfamiliar Galaxy S phone? With a front-facing camera? And a stock Android interface with a black notification bar and green icons exactly as we described to you in our first look at Gingerbread? Ladies and gentlemen, what we have here could only be the Samsung Nexus S.

After Best Buy flubbed up and outed the phone (sans picture) on its website as a handset that is “pure Google,” a web-flyer for the big box store reveals the beast itself. There is still plenty to learn about this device, but make no mistake at what we are looking at: the first Android 2.3 handset and the successor to the Nexus One. Whoever is responsible for this stuff at Best Buy can’t be having a good day…

[via Engadget]

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  1. That is fucking ugly. Samsung? Really? The myTouch 4G owns this in every aspect (once you get cyan on it)

  2. the my touch 4g looks like a darn toy…this just doesnt bring anything special, looks like an epic without the keyboard. but who cares about the looks cuz it aint fugly, its all about the software….GINGERBREAD!!!!!!

  3. Looks more plasticy than the vibrant, which I thought was impossible.

  4. Not impressed.

  5. A toy my ass! You clearly haven’t seen a MT4G in person. And the epic 4G is also ugly. Samsung just sucks. Software doesn’t matter when you root brah

  6. im not loving the new Android 2.3 look. the launcher icons and the notifications bar are pretty ugly in my opinion. i liked the old theme better this is dissapointing -_____-

  7. Agree with keller, it is one ugly phone.

  8. I agree, this looks like a very un-inspiring design for a phone, and if that’s Gingerbread, I can only hope there is a way of changing the colour scheme. If not, I might be sticking on 2.2

  9. Shit just got real…

  10. It’s sad because the N1 was the best looking phone when it came out

  11. Hopefully the picture is over-saturated. The colors are waaaaaaaaay too intense for my liking. Gingerbread better be worth the wait.

  12. NexusOne looks a lot better than this :(

  13. hey at least it doesnt have a chromed trim… lol… i dont care if its ugly or beautiful.. as long as it has stock gingerbread im ok with it

  14. I just wish they did it in aluminum like the original N1. Hopefully this won’t be a plasticy phone that will scratch up super easy

  15. @KELLER IVE SEEN IT MULTIPLE times..the entire mytouch line is for girls.

  16. i love how everyone is judging the phone based on a blurry pic from a flyer.

  17. Disappointed
    My tips:
    1a. Wait for it on phone of choice
    1b. Root (duh)
    2. ????
    3. profit

  18. Paris. No. Do me a favor and send me you gps coordinates using the gps on your galaxy s. Oh wait….

  19. Very ugly. Looks like a plasticky Vibrant.

    They have totally destroyed the Nexus Name. It look nowhere close to the old one.

    Funny part is ill still get it just because its Vanilla and its a Nexus. Ugh.

  20. How the hell can any of you tell how “plasticy” it is by that picture? If anything, it looks like its encased in glass.

  21. @Brandon,I agree man! ++1

  22. Should have stuck with HTC samsung is terrible not to mention their horrible gps and call quality. Ill be sticking with HTC or moto for my next phone. With samsung im sure they will wait and release it so that when they do its hardware is already outdated compared to the phones that are out to match it.

  23. iCloned…well, at least they dumped the chrome ring. Gotta give ’em props for vanilla Android.

  24. Looks ugly. Looking forward to gingerbread though so i can load it up on my Desire HD.

  25. I personally dont want a heavy brick of metal in my pocket, and will take the light weight ‘plasticy’ phone.

    I think the sad part is that the phone is not a next gen and just a rehash of the current gen phones. The new Nexus should be next gen hardware, Unless I’m mistaken and its a dual core hummingbird but I dont think they’re in production yet.

  26. lol @ all these nexus one owners crying on here.

    Samsung hardware + Google’s software = Win

    This will be my next mobile

  27. I’m with Chris. I’m willing to give up vanilla Android and direct Google updates not to have to live with a badly built and supported Samsung phone. Still considering the MT4G when it’s upgrade time.

  28. Samsung phone is the worse. cannot believe google pick Samsung instead of HTC or Moto

  29. Its always a horrifying experience to see people who once had good taste do things that are so repulsive. HTC hands down makes the most respectable and industrial looking (and feeling) android devices by a long shot. Why the fuck would they mess with Samsung at all anyway? pathetic.

    I just hope this isn’t the beginning of a trend towards decline and that it was just a freak accident.

  30. Disappointed ……….my N1 looks way better than this

  31. thank God…I have a N1…seriously :)

  32. Well, at least it’s less ugly than all the other Galaxy S models. But it is so bland. Oh well, I’m happy that Google will continue to partner with manufacturers to put out vanilla Android offerings. I have no problem giving this one a miss — my Nexus One still feels new and should last me at least another year.

  33. Who the hell cares what it looks like. In my opinion the galaxy S is the perfect size for a phone and vanilla android makes this the perfect phone. If your worried about the plastic cover, use some common sense and buy a bumper.

  34. Not impressed. I would like to see something slick like the HTC HD7, or EVO.

  35. Waaaaah. Boy talk about the whining. How can u tell if its plastic on a blurry pic? Ill hold judgment till the phone is reviewed. It will b my next phone. Doubt Google would go the plastic route.

  36. @Keller, about that Galaxy S Captivate broken GPS thing. Ouch. True, but ouch. Which is one reason why I’ll wait to see how this phone actually fares in the hands of users. Good luck to the early adopters.

  37. This is great news for everyone..remember Android is open source so how great would it be if they release a new “standard” phone every year with a different company so everyone gets updates quicker. Plus who cares who makes the phone as long as this fragmentation starts to disappear.

  38. I, for one, am thrilled with the black notification bar. I always hated that white band at the top (why do you think so many home replacements let you hide it). At least with my myTouch4G, the black bar blends in better with my wallpaper.

  39. Yeah forgot about GPS on SGS phones perhaps that is why this phone hasn’t been released yet. If this does have different hardware for GPS Galaxy S owners should get a recall on there products………….

  40. I don’t feel so bad about getting the G2 instead now that it is rooted. I prefer to have a keyboard anyway.

  41. Sad that nothing has really surpassed the Nexus One after almost a year… sure specs are higher, but the Nexus still was the best complete package, and still getting the updates first…

    Samsung will most likely fuck up the Nexus S/Nexus Two, whatever it ends up being called…

  42. looks like it indeed is… doesn’t look too bad the more i look at this proto… http://www.engadget.com/2010/11/11/this-is-the-nexus-s/

    a bit plasticky, but at least won’t be worried about dropping it… ;)

  43. Why are ppl judging sometime thing that “possibly” might be released?

  44. Is it just me or does the icon bottom right look like a 1UP mushroom?

  45. Does anyone else find it odd that the Menu button is the style of Motorola’s buttons, not the style of ALL of Samsung’s Android phones except the Moment? Whatever it is, I expect it’s just an artist’s rendering…

  46. What a bunch of whiners…

    This is what happens when you set your expectations WAY too high.

  47. @keller u retard i have an htc hero, and i am an HTC first guy..so stop being a weirdo and ASSuming shit, because ur just making an ASS out of urself

  48. Gingerbread already on the Samsung Nexus S, what happen to froyo for the vibrant and other galaxy S. At this rate by the time Gingerbread is available we will be waiting for honeycomb or whatever the next version will be. Rooted my phone by really, do i have to do it everytime just to get the latest OS. Really tire of all this.

  49. This whole comment section proves people are just haters of samsung. Tell me how can you tell something’s build quality from a picture? Fucking dumbass haters I swear.

  50. @47. Colin

    I don’t see what you are talking about, those menu buttons are the same on the vibrant to think of it now a lot of companies use those menu icons.

  51. LMAO! All of you are big crybabies. You cant tell a single thing from this picture about quality! Bitch bitch bitch is all you whiners do! Id love to see your comments when/if they release crazy specs….then you all will STFU!

  52. @2FR35H i fully agree with u

  53. @keller the mytouch 4g is gay Samsung is better then that crap homo

  54. they should have stuck with htc for these reasons
    better bulid quality
    no stupid pentile on the screen
    more reliable
    make f****n sexy phones

    never will go for samusng there galaxy s is so cheap

  55. @2FR35H, look at the Menu button in the pic. It’s got 3-4 lines with the top one being longer than those below it whereas the menu button we all have is a rectangle with two lines inside and no bottom line.

  56. But do u guys realise what they’re doing? They’re going down the list of the best phone manufacturers
    *HTC> HTC Nexus One
    *Samsung> Samsung Nexus S
    *NEXT IS MOTOROLA! Nexus Rola Lol

  57. Here’s to treating my N1 nicely until the n3 is out.

  58. Call me crazy but im holding my N1 to the screen and it looks like an all black N1 with a ffc and slightly larger forehead and no trackball.. Anyway i havent upgraded my line since my g1 so if i can upgrade to this phone i’m getting it

  59. You mean the Nexus Droid? :)

    Will this be the first Samsung phone ever to get ongoing updates?

  60. It’s funny how people are comparing this to a mytouch when Samsung is twice the quality HTC will ever have. I have used HTC devices, outside of the box they have dead pixels and scratches. I have seen this in all the 5 HTC devices I have used and owned. All my Samsung devices have nothing wrong. I know this is favoritism but at least this device doesn’t have a Genius button and it surely doesn’t have the “UGLT SENSE” and it won’t take years to get 2.3.

  61. Is Gingerbread really on Samsung Nexus if so i can’t wait to get one, and i don;t agree with samsung haters i always loved samsungs phone great quality

  62. I, personally, am glad that HTC is not making the Nexus S. I have a Nexus One and the touch screen is so ridiculously horrible that a lot of times the phone is not even usable. But I have dealt with it because I wanted plain Android. I say lets give Samsung a chance.

  63. Well since its a vanilla android phone should it get updated first? Will it be like the Nexus One and get all the updates first?

  64. Maybe Samsung can make phones, but they have to think twice about the design on their phones. This one looks bad, and I’ve also seen pictures from the back, the back of this phone looks terrible. Samsung Galaxy S also had an ugly design, and a tons of other phones too.

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