Tablet Thursday: HaiPad puts the ‘H’ before iPad, Toys ‘R’ Us Selling Sylvania Tab


Here are a few quick tablet tid-bits for you this Thursday, starting with the HaiPad, a device that does little more than put a nice ‘H’ sound in front of iPad and shrink the screen down to 7-inches. The tablet carries specs that are quickly becoming too standard to even save a crappy Android 2.1 tablet, including 1080p HD video out and a camera for capturing pics and whatnot. Check out the video below for a slightly humorous look at the HaiPad, but be warned there is some adult language.

Next up we have a bit more news on the Sylvania tablet we learned of just yesterday. Looks like it will be available at Toys ‘R’ Us on black Friday for a mere $139.99. Normally I’d scratch my head at a toy store selling an Android computing device, but let’s face it: this thing isn’t much more than a toy. You might be able to stuff a stocking or two with it, however.

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[via AndroidCentral, BFAds, thanks to Moose!]

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  1. Thats a long video.

  2. HEY! I’m a Toys-R-Us Kid.

  3. How the hell does this dude talk about a fake iPad for 30 freakin’ minutes?! I stopped about 1 minute in after seeing the length of the video.

  4. WTF with that protruding SDCARD design???!!

  5. try fucking turning off the live wallpaper might kind of work then!!! this puts phandroid to shame…

  6. I’m starting to get customers getting these inexpensive tablets and even purchasing apps from my web site so I planned to acquire one as they pour in for holiday sales and loss leaders. Not too concerned about the resistance screens since it will give me an idea of how the apps are responding on those devices. Also saves a lot of uninstalling/installing on my phone for hardware tests.

  7. he has a good speaking voice. lol.

  8. When is Viewsonic’s G Tablet going to get some love from Phandroid?

  9. powerfull 5-inch android tablet from dell launch this summer

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