Motorola Droid X Headed to Mexico as the Motoroi X



If you were wondering when the Droid X might make it outside of the US, the answer is very soon. Going under the Motorola Motoroi X moniker, the phone will be first Android 2.2 handset to land in the country. The Motorois branding shouldn’t be foreign, as this was the name the original Droid went by when it landed down Mexico way.

The specs are the same: 4.3-inch touchscreen, HD video capture, 1GHz processor. It’s all there. It will land on luscacell later this month.

[via UnwiredView]

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  2. Mexico has cellphones now? Crazy wetbacks

  3. f#$k you Dan

  4. I really wish you could report comments…

  5. GSM or CDMA? If GSM, which bands?

  6. I’ve got it, guys. What a low life.

  7. Dan, you can take a can of beans and shove it up your ass.

  8. Motoroi X does not make any sense to me, maybe the “d” is missing: Motoroid X.

  9. Cool. I used to have that carrier but back then they were not known for having cutting edge phones.

  10. hey jay them poor wetbacks need those beans more then my arse does

  11. This will be the cartel’s phone of choice.

  12. Wow all of you are racist and gay.

  13. I’m offended by those comments.

  14. Iusacell is a cdma company so that means this will be a cdma phone, lol iusacell is like an american verizon they even got the blackberry storm exclusively too, although its not too popular the big cell phone company down in mexico is telcel :p

  15. Lol @ Dan.. this iusacell is owned by the richest man in the world, who happens to be mexican.. so turns out that you need the can in your rear more than those “wetbacks”

  16. Still waiting 2.2 on MT3g.

  17. How did I know that there was gonna be racist comments even before I actually clicked on this article? I stumped myself….

  18. I cant believe people are so racist. Really?? just posting where noone can see you. we are all one

  19. I hope I see it GSM some day!!!

  20. should be gsm in mexico

  21. @Alexander are you really surprised !!! i believe most of the internet users in the whole world are not but racist idiot pricks (youtube comments proves that the most)

  22. Checked motorola’s mexican site. The motoroi looks more like the original droid to me, at least it has qwerty :P

  23. I wonder how many heads the average drug maffioso will have to saw off to afford one?

  24. Why ya being so racist, and who’s Dan?

  25. Look im mexican and these comments are so offensive. Can you guys grow up and stop insulting other races??

  26. Wow, a mexican would have to work for 5 years just to pay the $200 cost. This won’t sell very well, the wetbacks will still enter the US illegally and take jobs from true americans.

  27. @Roger. Thank you very much. That is pretty disappointing, really hoping to see a GSM version of this phone with AT&T 3G bands.

    BTW, you guys really do need a report button on comments. Alot of the posts here are very distasteful and classless. It is kinda funny how trashy people love to insult other people. Perhaps they should look in the mirror and insult what they see.

  28. Motorola Droid x going to Mexicoh, I heard a rumor that motorala burrito x 4g is coming Out next week too.

  29. @26.. do you mean native americans? or mexicans, because most of the US belonged to them until we stole the land?

  30. No one should be over reacting to the race comments…after all if what is written not true it should not matter to you much…and so one should laugh at the comments that are really funny…and some of them truly are funny…lol

  31. Sigh, what a depressing read these comments are.

    Could someone please answer the GSM question? What network technology is involved. If it’s GSM would be nice to import an unlocked one into europe.

  32. Damn, found my own answer. Going to be on “Iusacell” who have a CDMA network.

  33. WTF is up with all the racist comments??? this is what happens when you let high school kids use a computer!

    For those of you stupid ignorant people, Mexico after the US and Canada is the biggest market for motorola in the continent! but what do you know you work at 7 eleven.

    Grow up!

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