Rogers Lets Loose Their Subsidized Dell Streak


Yesterday, we learned Del started selling the Dell Streak exclusively for Rogers customers –  just as it had been rumored – but we didn’t see Rogers offering the 5-inch device subsidized as we’d also heard. Today, they’ve gone ahead and announced their plans to offer it for $149.99 on three year voice and data plans. If you’d rather save a few hundred bucks today than not be tied down with a three year agreement, hit your local Rogers store up  now or take your money to their online storefront.


Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Would this work on bell if I unlocked it?

  2. the phone is sold as SIM-FREE and this is something I don’t understand at all. Rogers use a GSM network. Now that’s said, would it work on telus if unlocked? ahah

  3. It should work with Bell and Telus, although only at 3G speed. You should look at their coverage area for their new 3G network (HSPA) to make sure your area is covered.

    You can also check out http://phonecompatibility.net it too checks out ok for this combo.

  4. When Rogers say SIM free, that simply means no contract. That doesn’t mean the phone is unlocked however. You do need to unlock the phone first before using it on either Bell or Telus.

  5. I never try any in contract plan, just go and take it as FREE AGREEMENT !

  6. I went to 3 different rogers store and none of them have the Dell Streak…I don’t have a credit card to get one online…Any idea on how we are supposed to get on? I am getting quite frustrated…@!

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