Nov 10th, 2010


Another milestone has been hit for Android gaming: a new 3D MMORPG for the  OS called Pocket Legends is now available. This game has been in closed beta status for quite some time, but it’s finally being pushed out to the general public so that we can take a look at it. The 30MB download requires Android 2.1+ and you’ll need to have at least an Edge connection to play. (Sorry, Motorola i1 owners.) Here’s a full list of the game’s features.

  • 3 Classes to choose from: Archer, Enchantress (Healer/Buffer basically), and Warrior
  • Tons of items, armor, sets and skills
  • Great 3D graphics and original sounds/music
  • Multiplayer games to join or host yourself
  • Swipe and Tap controls (including a Virtual Joystick for movement)
  • 3G, Edge, Wifi connections
  • Android 2.1+ required
  • 30MB in size

I haven’t jumped into it myself, but being the big gamer that I am, I’ll be sure to do that before the day is over. DroidGamers likens the game to Diablo 2, except it looks a lot less intimidating and it has a character that looks just like our green mascot! Microtransactions will be a big part of the experience, of course, so get ready to throw down some real world dollars if you want to get better faster in this game.

pocket legends android 1

It’s also a cross platform title that’ll allow you to play with folks on iOS devices. That should ensure there will be no shortage of dungeon crawlers to do your bidding with. (And how cool would it be to take an Android mascot into an area filled with iOS owners?)

Check it out now in the Android market by searching “Pocket Legends” or by scanning/touching the QR Code below.