iPhone Users Can Now Install Froyo Without a Computer and in Two Clicks


Even though some of you on actual Android devices are still trying to get stepped up to 2.2 (and 2.1, for that matter) it gets even easier for iPhone users. Bootlace 2.1 is an app for jailbroken iPhones which will allow you to install iPhoDroid – the name of the Android port – without doing much at all. (There are only two meaningful clicks throughout five steps in this process.) We wont spend too much time on it here as this is an Android blog and we’d like to focus on Android devices, but if you have an iPhone 2G or an iPhone 3G and want to check out Android (even if it might not be a perfect implementation), head over to FSM for the full instructions.


[via Engadget]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I wonder if my wife would get mad at me if I did that to her phone… I’d be helping her out, but she’s a fan(girl) of Apple…. it’s a strain on our marriage…

  2. Joedon3 same thought here but my fangirl wife has barely forgiven me last time I improved her iPhone

  3. *runs and grabs the wife’s iPhone*

  4. My wife gets pissed when I screw with my own phone, I couldn’t imagine her wrath if I screwed with hers….

  5. Why does this feel like blasphemy… Or is more of a conversion of the iSinners to Androidism.

  6. why does everyones wife have an iphone?

  7. does it mean the iphone is for girls?

  8. Either the iPhone is for girls or Android is for guys.

  9. As a general rule, women are more likely to value form over function than men.

  10. Wow, Android is penetrating the iphone.

  11. Doesn’t work on iPhone 2g firmware 3.1.2 Jailbroken with Redsnow.

    During installation of Idroid ‘Multitouch firmware dump fails’ and install aborts.

  12. I agree with Muninn…doesn’t make sense for an “ANDROID” site to post information about it’s main competitors product. (regardless of whether it’s an update or the death of Steve Jobs himself) Sorry Phandroid, bad move on this one. And shame on all you husbands out there for allowing your wife to own said product! Guess we know who wears the pants in those familes. Friends don’t let friends buy/own/use and iPhone!!!

  13. My wife uses Blackberry for work and a Droid Eris. She hates gadgets.

  14. Male iphoner here who thinks this woman argument deflects from any actual technical topics and is a reasoning fallacy. No stats to prove it, you each know a couple women that doesn’t represent the whole population. It just says that the outside was well designed, much like Sony style and most other manufacturers aim for. Nobody puts their devices on supposedly ugly housings. And since the iPhone gets higher to comparable technical ratings on many magazines including consumer reports, that means it’s better inside and out. They can appeal to both techies and design oriented people. Aren’t designs usually bragged about in most goods like cars, fancy packaging on food etc. It’s a virtue in the market and they pulled it off. The roxio CEO even admitted once he saw and used the iPod he immediately knew the design and technology would kill his company which it did. These are just the facts, so explain that in a reply, not the retarded feminine theory.

  15. Doesnt being able to install Android on an iphone make it an Android device then. I mean isnt that what Android scene is all about, seeing what all we can get it running on?

  16. its funny that android 2.2 froyo made it to the freakin iPhone before it made it to the american variants of the samsung galaxy S!!!!!! How sad samsung, thats rediculous

  17. Didn’t mean to offend….I was being facitious!

  18. Look guys… If you don’t like what a topic is called because its not exactly what you consider ‘news’ then just skip reading it, simple as that :l We arn’t exactly Apple fans here, and the staff covers everything Android… thats why this was posed as news.

  19. Whappyonadifferentcomputer got all butthurt that people implied Apple phones were for women and he has no sense of humor. THAT, kids, is what’s wrong with many people these days. Stay away from people like him.

  20. Not bad news at all. It’s good news that Android is spreading like crazy.

  21. Well, just to throw it out there….I bought my wife a galaxy s when she asked for an I phone!

  22. Oh and she loves it!

  23. Oh whappy……do you ever wonder why this web site looks different on your computer vs your I phone? (flash jokes never get old)

  24. Does this work on iPod touch.?

  25. Whap, I do notice less ads automatically starting up and slowing my loading time.

  26. Read some comments on comedy’s video pages, lots of people notice significant lag and they are trapped with flash and no other option. And adobe is supposed to make huge major flash improvements soon, wouldn’t that imply the current version could be much much better than it is?

  27. Glad you posted this. But maybe I should have gotten and iPhone instead of this Captivate, so I could experiment with aNdroid 2.2.

    @joedon3, @ghostofcain, and @Tad. Do NOT. REPEAT, DO NOT mess with your wife’s iPhone, or life as you know it will cease to exist. Mine loves her iPhone, and if I messed with it like that, well, you know the old saying, “if Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.”

  28. Er, that is, “an iPhone,” not “and iPhone.” Bad keyboard. Bad. Bad. Bad.

  29. What, joedon3? “a strain on your marriage”? That’s really excessive…

  30. That’s gay. It takes more clicks than that to get it on my ANDROID device. :(

  31. Damm that would be a tight phone the speed of iPhone but running Android!!! That’ll be the best

  32. Hell…if this worked with the iphone4…id consider dumping my galaxy s! Oh wait…no i wouldnt! Hehehehe

  33. Its funny because my wife, an IPhone user, has Android envy. She wants an “Incredible-like” device when her contract with AT&T is up. I guess the Android Kool-Aid Ive been pouring in her coffee is finally starting to take effect.

  34. Whap, your wife asked you for an iPhone and you bought her a galaxy s? What a dumb dick! I’m sure she won’t resent that.. And it blew up in your face, she could have had all the latest updates ASAP with iPhone.
    And the now $20 iPhone 2G gets iOS 4.2 and Android 2.2 before the Captivate and Galaxy S… I’m sure android developers love needing to customize updates for all hundred different android phones with unique specs, each unique like a snowflake. What a pain in the ass, apple developers apparently have so much extra time they’re mastering android. Seriously no android developer can do this for more ‘high end’ androids?

  35. Whappy, take your fanboydom and go troll elsewhere… oh there are now more android users than iOS ;-) *wait!* don’t feed the troll! :p

  36. OMG the latest updates from Apple, ZOMG!!! Can anyone smell that? I think the apple’s are spoiling….

  37. My girlfriend hates her iphone and is ready to get an android once her conract expires…It didnt even take any influence from me. I bet I could get her to let me install this on her phone too…If it happens I will post results.

  38. will it work on an itouch…. that would be cool to covert an itouch to an idroid.. ha ha

  39. Miss begone troll, so you give up and just want to end it? Give me some pluses for android despite my points, or prove my points wrong. That’s called a technical discussion. You’re just name calling with no evidence. And there are more droiders but this article shows it’s a fragmented unequal group. If a $20 first generation iPhone beat high end androids, that sucks for the people that shelled out 200 bucks, and developers have a lot of customizing to do.

  40. Whappyondifferentcomputer your fanboyism is astounding. Go and play with yer Ipish and leave us alone.

  41. @Whappyondifferentcomputer

    Interesting and unique idea to rag on fragmentation of the OS when each app on Android runs roughly the same VM for apps. Any programmer worth his salt can, and will, program exceptions in functionality. Phone X has No camera? ok feature of app disabled. Phone Y has a smaller screen thats what scale9 is for; and so on “ad vomita”.

    The most fragmentation of the OS has to deal with is from OEMs wanting to do there own thing UI wise. I’m sure if iOS was open they would do the same thing. But it’s not open, is it? With Apple you get one OEM with one set of hardware/OS specs (yes there are 3 older gens of the phone but Apple doesn’t want you to use them cause it won’t make money off them).

    Having such limits makes it easy to develop for but once you are done with it you can only run it on iOS devices, now that is useful, whats iOS market share?(btw it’s 13% as of 3Q). Let’s take that app and port it to android make more money, and oh look, Android has more than one really good app store out there, lets put said app on all of them. Oh and look, you can use Google (aka the huge search engine most of the world uses) to search for all of them.

  42. oops before I get trolled:
    i0S market share = 16%.

    My bad, give the devil his due and all :P

  43. Successful on my 3G. It’s slow, but still pretty cool.

  44. Still though, all you’re saying is there are more hoops to jump for developers and the proof is in the pudding – galaxy s and captivate customers who paid good money are left out in the cold waiting still. Only 1/3 of android os users can get froyo, but the iPhone from 5 years ago can use 2.2 right now? That’s a joke since supposedly android is for hands on developers. My old iPhone has netflix, hulu, flash alternatives if needed although they lag, mp3 and video downloaders, and a hacked version that does it all for free. We get all the latest cool big name apps as soon as they go on the mobile market. Keep waiting in the dark androiders who knows when or if updates will ever come.
    And ps your graphics suck, much better fluidity, higher quality graphics over here. I believe a hundred more pixels per inch than evo 4g homos.

  45. Android envy for iphone users. Why does an iphone user need to troll to try an validate their poor purchasing decision? Before you use old arguments like how iphone is great out of the box, therefore it wins, stop hating. Although my captivate doesn’t have official froyo, who cares?

    Beauty of android is our phones don’t stop at out of the box. Flashed new rom with 1.2ghz oc and lag fix with froyo and glad I dropped the iphone.

    Before you say, iphone doesn’t need to do that because it was built right in the first place.. Is it that it doesn’t need to, or that it can’t? Like many other things that it can’t do because big papa knows best for apple.

    Btw I firmly believe things aren’t released and leaked for developers to use on purpose. It’s not a bad reflection on google, but a smart tactic. Now geniuses from around the world with many talents can speed the growth of android because for whatever reason it becomes their passion of creating their ideal perfect phone. Not just the few techies apple claim are smart enough to follow steve jobs dream.

  46. Ok, so I have an Iphone and think these posts are hilarious. Glad I have a sense of humor. :-) I also look forward to putting android on the Iphone until I’m able to get a proper android phone. Can anyone reccommend a good Android that is offered through AT&T?

  47. The captivate is pretty amazing for ATT. There are some known issues with it stock, so you have to be prepared to learn a little. Flashing a new rom over it fixes almost every problem people complain about, but I can understand why people would get turned off by having to do this. End results made me forgive and feel the reward of having a top end phone by doing a little research.

  48. ok I tried this on my iPhone 3G on 11/24/10 with the latest BootLace and iDroid release available. Does not look too stable. WiFI does not come up. Bluetooth not working. T-mobile SIM does not work, upon boot up it requires to enter a network SIM PIN to unlock, which I have no idea about. Upon leaving Andoid running, the screen turns off after 2 mins, and the only way to bring it back on is to reboot it. Also the camera application keeps crashing the Android OS to go for a reboot. So, in a summary, no connectivity whatsoever at all and not too stable. Not too happy with Android in general. Doesn’t look like iphone and Android are made for each other :-(
    btw: I had updated to baseband 5.14.02 on iOS 4.1 so not sure if that is causing the problems.

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