MyTouch 4G Rooted, Says “Take That” to its Older Brother G2


The T-Mobile G2 has finally received its permanent root after weeks of frustration and workarounds, but it wasn’t so hard to get going on the MyTouch 4G. We’re hearing that the method for rooting is the same as the G2’s and the Desire Z/HD’s, so if you were comfortable with that and have no problem giving it a spin, head on over to XDA to get your fix. Remember that whatever you do to your phone is no one’s responsibility but your own, good or bad. But we don’t think bad will rear its ugly face here, so let those good times roll.

mytouch4g root

[via AndroidSpin]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. this thing was the glacier! wtf

  2. Erm… the implication that achieving permanent root for the MT4G was easier than the G2 (by saying “it wasn’t so hard to get going on the MyTouch 4G”, as well as the article title) is entirely disingenuous and silly. This uses the exact same method as was finally figured out for the G2, and the OP in the XDA thread you linked points out “This was a collaborative #g2root effort.” That is, it’s entirely due to the hard efforts of all the devs working to get permanent root on the G2 for so long that it’s now available for the MT4G.
    Also the last sentence in the article worries me. There is a certain step in the directions linked to that can easily brick your phone if you make the smallest of errors in carrying it out. People who are not absolutely confident in what they are doing should really just wait a couple of days until a single-click solution is available.
    I don’t have either this phone or the G2, this article just bugged me with what feels like some bad misinformation.

  3. I put a clear disclaimer that anything you do to your phone is your own responsibility. This includes doing your own research and knowing the risks. I also never insinuated that the MT4G was any easier to crack than the G2. That was just fun commentary.
    I even state in the next sentence: “We’re hearing that the method for rooting is the same as the G2’s and the Desire Z/HD’s, so if you were comfortable with that and have no problem giving it a spin, head on over to XDA to get your fix.”

  4. If I successfully root my G2 or MTG4, can I easily switch back to the original firmware or is it completely gone?

  5. Sorry, Q, but I have to side with Bobby on this one. What’s the point of imagining the MT4G saying “Take that” to the G2, other than it’s implying that it was somehow easier to root, since its root came so quickly after its release. We all know what you meant. That’s why it’s kind of silly for you to try to back out of it now.

  6. Mt4g should say thank u to his older brother the g2 instead of take that lol

  7. @rebel and bobby,
    it was a fun title damnit.
    it’s like your older brother taking 5 days figuring out how to solve a rubix cube. he then shows you how to do it, and you manage to remember the algorithm in 30 minutes.
    take that older brother!
    quentyn isn’t trying to back out. he is just showing to bobby that bobby is a whiny bitch.

  8. @Rebel I’m not trying to back out of anything, I’m clearing it up. I have not edited this post since it’s been published, and it clearly states that it’s the same method as the G2’s. I’m not sure what’s difficult to understand about that or what’s misleading?

  9. so, does it mean that genius button will take “search” button function?

  10. Look!!! Double Rainbow!!! This has to mean something!!

  11. @Pieter: And a nice day to you too, sir! :P
    @Quentyn: Yes, I recognize that you included a disclaimer, it’s just the last sentence as I said before that seems to give an undue sense of security. And I also recognize that you mentioned in the article that this uses the same method as the G2, albeit in less than definitive terms (“We’re hearing…”). The tone of the article simply came across to me as if this was a separate (and somewhat more impressive) accomplishment than the work done for the G2, and I thought that warranted clearing up. That is, you could have just as easily framed the article as, “MT4G rooted thanks to work done on the G2”, and it would have felt much more accurate to me. Perhaps that’s just me misinterpreting what you wrote, though. I certainly meant no harm, I just felt like some things could be clearer. :)

  12. @Dev1359: Heh :P No worries, I’m perfectly calm and in quite a good mood actually. I just rarely comment on things on the internet, but when I do I have a tendency to be long-winded. I can see how that could come across as being worked up, though.

  13. I’m with Bobby as well. Until I read the article I thought Quentyn didn’t understand that it was only because of the G2 that the MT4G got rooted so quickly. Oh well, doesn’t matter really.

  14. This title is stupid for two reasons.

    1) The damn phone cant talk.
    2) The G2 already has forever root.

  15. @Bobby
    Wow, do we really need a debate over the title? Who cares, the phones are both rooted and we all understand the G2 is the reason the MT4G has been rooted so quickly.

    Get over it.

  16. Keller is probably gonna kill himself when he realizes the fucking glacier is the mt4g ahahahahahahahah

  17. thank god no one person is over reacting in here or randomly going off about how the title does not fit the story….

    good job to the rooters of both phones…this may bring more business t-mobile’s way….cool read..

  18. Oh c’mon…sense of humor people…jeeeeez.

  19. I’m going to chime in here to say that I agree with most of the others. Engadget’s headline for this story reads “T-Mobile myTouch 4G rooted, has G2 root to thank for it.” They put it that way because those people know how to write. My apologies for the hard language, but I see this sort of thing too often on Phandroid and I would like nothing more than to see it improve in the future.

  20. @Foxeh Not knowing how to write and reporting a story differently from another outlet are two different things.

  21. Stupid title. Not even funny at all.

  22. Oh, you’re only saying that because everyone else is!

  23. My myTouch 4G liked the title…..
    Also, screw Engaget. I have officially stopped reading their biased, bullshit news. If you read closely you’ll know theyre all a bunch of fanboys.

  24. Oh you don’t have to read closely to know that Engadget is biased. “Knowing how to write” implies that they are able to convey a thought that is consistent with how they meant it. Ergo, Engadget makes it quite clear which way they swing. ;)

  25. Why “root” the phone. I have been told its like “jail breaking” the i-phone but that means nothing to me. I have a mt4g and have had android for years. Would it help with battery life? That is the only issue I have with this phone.

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