10-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab Spotted?


It’s been rumored that Samsung was preparing a 10-inch version of the Galaxy Tab before, but no evidence has yet to show itself confirming as much. While we do still believe Samsung has a 10-inch Galaxy Tab in the works to compete on a more level playing field with the iPad, we’ll still have to take this in-the-wild spotting with a grain of salt.

Wired is covering the FPD’s International Green Device 2010 show in China this week and they’ve come across a booth of Samsung’s showing off their new 10.1-inch LCD panels which have been designed to be thinner and lighter in weight. Alongside a netbook that this thing was scrammed into to show it off sat a “prototype e-reader” device that looked just like the Samsung Galaxy Tab, only 3 inches bigger.


They claim that it has the same capacitive buttons on the bottom of the device’s bezel as the 7-inch version and has the ability to make video calls – two features that would leave anyone to believe that this is an overgrown version of what’s currently available.

Unfortunately, the display unit shows that its resolution is still only 1024×600, but that could always change as this is likely just a very early model. We’ll continue to call your bluff, Samsung. We know you want that 10-inch Galaxy Tab out on the market just as much as we do.

[via Wired]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I tipped Kevin about this at 8:00 this morning. CNN even has picked up the story. I glad you caught it Quentyn.

  2. Honestly…unless Samsung steps up there game BIG TIME….thi Galaxy S line is already getting outdated (in terms of tablets). Look at the rumored Motorola Tablet for Verizons specs. This tablet will be a medium range tab once its released.

    Cant wait for the Dual-Core CPUs with Tegra 2 GPUs….will be a fun time around xmas and shortly after

  3. Bring on the 10″, that’s what I’ve been waiting for and I DO NOT want to resort to the iPad!

  4. saw one in New Orleans at the NAR conference. Was unbelievable! Has front facing video for skype and pictures and back facing for taking pictures and video!! Great size. Not sure I will buy it though. I have a DROID and don’t like the apps.

  5. The Dual core Tegra 2 GPU will not be as good as the current hummingbirds in the Galaxy S range. However Android menus etc do not take advantage of a GPU so the dual core A9 processors improve Androids general performance especially due to the multitasking and dual cores.

    Though the Samsung Orion which Samsung will also be shipping in early 2011 vastly outperforms the Tegra 2. Its GPU will be 5 times faster and will be able to decode and encode full 1080p video at 30fps. It will be able to drive two device screens and a third external screen at eh same time due t a triple display controller. Tegra 2 will be outdated by the time it hits the shelves.


  6. Just read up on ARMs new CPU/GPU combo they are coming out with. Sammy being the first to get it, would be nice if this 10″ got it…at which point I will retract my comment.

  7. 10″ wifi is what I am waiting for. I already have a smartphone for making phone calls, I don’t need a 10″ phone. But, with all that Android apps offer, I can see this, along with my EVO 4G totally replacing my laptop.

  8. But does anybody really trust Samsung to bring this off without critical bugs that they will ignore on their way to their next product.

  9. Played around with a Tab and as cool as it was, I think there is limited potential here unless its $100 or more cheaper than IPad.

  10. What’s the word on Viewsonic’s 7″ and 10″ GTab?

  11. So many people ask for dual core cpu or they will not buy it. what benefits are you guys expecting, if the apps are not written to take advantage of multiple execution threads?
    Also, current 7″ tab is fairly close in price to ipad. What would the cost of a 10″ tab be? Yes, i’m aware that tab has many more features then ipad, however ask an average consumer about the features, and you’ll get a blank look. Most people look at price 1st

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