Nov 10th, 2010


Despite the fact that the new and unfamiliar input mechanism for Android – 8pen – got anywhere between 10,000 and 50,000 downloads in the market at $1.58, they’ve gone ahead and made the app free for all to download. With that came a nice 1.1 update which carries the following changes:

  • Auto-space is now optional, and disabled by default
  • Voice input (Android 2.2 with voice recognition enabled)
  • Preview popup
  • Improved dictionary support (suggestions, auto-complete, quick fixes)
  • Basic themes
  • Height adjustment
  • Fine-grained shift pressure threshold
  • Optional vibration when passing through central region
  • Slightly modified numeric layout, for easier access to #, & etc.
  • HTC Tattoo fix
  • Fix of phone keyboard bug that caused force close on some phones

For those who have already bought it? I don’t see a refund blessing your future, but it was only $1.58. Just don’t opt for your daily McRib tomorrow and you’ll be fine.

[8pen via AC]

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