T-Mobile G2 Gets Rooted


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If you want to root that brand new T-Mobile G2 that just showed up on your doorstep, you are in luck. As can be expected the HTC-made device running a stock version of Android 2.2 has quickly broken free from its chains and entered the world of root. One quirk of this method is that once you reboot your device root access vanishes. A small problem that should be quickly taken care of (if it hasn’t been already). The method emerges from none other than XDA-Developers, so if you are looking to perform this temporary root that’s where you’ll want to get all of your info, just try not to restart your phone if you don’t want to go through the whole process more than once.

[via Engadget]

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  1. No surprise……I will wait awhile before I root mine. Rooting the G1 was fun. The CM6 worked for the most part, but it drained the battery. Not saying the same thing will happen. I just don’t need to root yet.

  2. Yeah I don’t know if I will root my g2 I still have my rooted nexus one to play around with so that will be my outbreak monkey essentially lol and my G2 will be my bubbles lol

  3. wow that was fast. i’ve only had mine a few days now

  4. It’s only a “temp root” from that link. And some are reporting that when they reboot all the changes they made disappear from /system.

  5. @me Yeah thanks for telling us something the article clearly stated.

    But yeah i love my G2 it does have some bad hinges and i only have a total of 1.5 Gb internal ROM, but honestly it doesn’t matter to me.

  6. @aztec
    The point is the title is misleading…no need for you to be a dick

  7. Well I was bummed that the ‘Universal Androot’ didn’t work on the G2 because I’m anxious to remove the Amazon MP3, Finance, Shopper, Photobucket and Web2go.

    Though I really don’t understand how to follow the instructions listed at the source… “On PC”?

    Any suggestions?

  8. I’m not sure how soon it will be before we get full root, the G2 has some crazy security. I’ve been following the progress on the G2ROOT irc chat and I think everyone there’s running out of ideas at this point.

  9. @ me– how was the title misleading? it says that the phone got rooted, which it did. temporary or not, it’s a root.

  10. The missing 2Gb maybe a security feature. Acts as a mirror of the froyo OS. Every time you boot, it compares itself to the the other unaccessible missing mirror/partition. If the mirror is the same with the active OS partition then it proceeds in the booting process or if it’s not the same, the mirror copies itself to the rooted partition thus removing every changes you made.

    This is the reason why you can root the G2 but when you reboot it, everything goes back to normal.

    But dont worry, the XDA/dev/hacker/geniuses will find the way. It’s just a matter of time.

  11. The 2GB issue was noted on T-Mobile’s Facebook page. It seems that the phone was intentionally meant to have two separate partitions. One for the OS and pre-loaded apps,and the other half for apps.

    But I think that @Jettu is onto something….there is that minor fact that the roots are only temporary…once the device restarts it reverts back to its old self…that is very interesting, and powerful from branded phones…so that hacks cant screw up the device.

    I wonder how many devices T-Mobile honored warranties to find out they had been rooted?

    I’m new to Android…been a bb nut for a while..but for what I hear the G2 does not need to get rooted, at least for 90% of the users….especially now that WiFI calling is coming to Androids….

  12. WE root because we can.

  13. No, the G2 does need to get rooted. Overclocking and early Gingerbread are pretty good reasons, as well as free tethering.

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