Samsung Continuum Goes Official, November 11th for Verizon


Samsung’s finally confirmed the Samsung Continuum themselves. It’s been out in the wild for a long time, but neither them or Verizon had acknowledged its existence. (That never threw us off, of course.) They’ve just tweeted that the Samsung Continuum will be launching on Verizon November 11th as the first phone with a secondary dedicated ticker display. It looks like that’ll be the big announcement tonight, as well, as Rob and Kevin will be on hand at Samsung’s unveiling to get some face time with the device. (Please don’t sue me, Apple.)


[via Samsung Twitter]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. First

  2. Wow, so this was the BIG announcement from Samsung then. Big deal.

  3. Ooo! You said face and the word time together. Your getting sued.

  4. i find it interesting that they announced this at the NYSE while ringing the bell with Verizon. So what is the conference for at 6:05??????? hmmmmmmmm…..

  5. Seriously ‘Fly like a G2’? What year is this and how old are you?

  6. If they already announced this, the 6pm event will probably be about something else..

  7. Let’s Hope this phone comes with Froyo so we can port it over to the other Galaxy S phones…….or on launch (Nov 11th)will official launches of 2.2 go out for all U.S. SGS phones………..we can only hope?

  8. I know .. whats the big deal in that…

    You really needed an “event” for that sammy? thats fucking bullshit.

  9. @Dave
    Hey man its dave
    Daves not here.
    No man its me dave.
    Ya man its me Dave!
    … Daves not here

    PS Sorry im not some 40 yr old dude looking for a reason to be pissed of at someone, just cuz you wife or husband isn’t putting out

  10. @ Dave – your a hater.
    @ Fly – like the name. Lost me with the rant at the end.
    @ Scramsung – support for your devices stinks. I will never buy another one of your phones.
    @ HTC – I miss you.

  11. @fly like a g2 & Dave
    both of ya need to calm down

  12. This was the BIG Samsung unveiling????????????????
    fly like a g2??? nawww, I’m flyin st8 from HTC with the desire z, not that US google branded BS

  13. wonder if this phone is going to be coolish? Oh and Dave I feel you…that first crap is beyond silly…its pretty much dumb to tell you the truth and you don’t have to be a old man to see that…y0

  14. all I know is if Google allows them to create the hardware that the Nexus experience goes on, they better have NOTHING to do with the software experience. This is ridicules! Releasing another phone on 2.1 when when two newer iterations of android will be out by the time this thing sees the light of day! For shame Samsung, for shame…

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