LG Vortex for Verizon Will Be Free on Contract



While the LG Optimus S and Optomus T are bringing low-cost Android to T-Mobile and Sprint, their sub-$50 price tags can’t shake a stick at the pricing of their Verizon counterpart. The LG Vortex, a phone that will be launching in the next couple weeks, will cost you a big fat nothing after a $100 rebate debit card is delivered to your door when bought on a two-year contract. Word on the street is that these cost-efficient LG handsets still deliver a quality Android experience, but for the Vortex you will have to suck it up and deal with pre-loaded Bing bloatware. Is that the price that must be paid for a free phone?

[via Engadget]

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  1. they should be paying us to take a phone that’s all “BINGed” out. i hate the direction this crap is going

  2. It’s a possibility if it doesn’t get coupled with an outrageous Verizon voice/text/data plan.

  3. verizson phones and plans suck and there data plans is crap it’s so stupid making u pay for something u don’t even want just to be able to get the phone u want i hate verizon i want alltel back

  4. oh and let me add there’s always problems with there phone like shuting off while in your pocket or purse or can’t download right or not getting there calls lol people read the reviews on there phone and compare them to other companies they don’t have near the complaints as verizon phones gets i was in there store 1 day and there were like atleast 50 people that were there just because of complaints about there phones not working right there phones are crap and there way over priced that is why i still have my alltel phone after reading there reviews i hate to give it up good luck to us all on verizon

  5. Please I worked for Alltel tech support for years. Alltel phones were total crap.

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