Nov 8th, 2010


It’s no secret that HTC wants to push their software agenda stronger than ever now that it is — other than stellar hardware — the main point of differentiation between the Android and Windows Phone 7 devices they offer and their competition. After the cloud-centric launched aside the Desire Z and Desire HD, it makes perfect sense that the logical progression from their HTC Hub app discovery assistant would be to launch a full-blown app store. According to Financial Times, this is exactly what the company plans to do.

HTC is said to be in the process of hiring staff to get the store — which will sell both applications and e-books — up and running. When it could launch is not known at this time.

While HTC will no doubt offer a great market experience, the idea of all kinds of third-party app stores popping up gets me nervous about a certain Android ‘F’ word. Fragmentation.

[Financial Times via Engadget]

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