Two Phones on Two Carriers Now Available


thumb_optimus_sFirst is the LG Optimus S, which is now available through Sprint. This entry level LG device powered by 2.2 and displayed over a 3.2″ screen can be had for $50 and a two year contract. If free is more your flavor, don’t forget that RadioShack is offering it for free through Tuesday. Prepare for the usual list of specs: 3.2MP camera, visual voicemail, Sprint ID, Bluetooth.
In semi related news, feel free to check out LG’s YouTube ad campaign for the LG Optimus One. A few commericals that are up there on the corny levels, but may get a few laughs.

Also, the Motorola FLIPSIDE is available through AT&T. MOTO BLUR is the UI that will be greeting you on boot of this slide up QWERTY phone, with its 3.1″ screen. Get yours now for $100 on contract. This one comes with a 3MP camera, bluetooth, WiFi etc etc.

[via Mobile Burn 1 & 2]

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  1. Might as well throw in the Motorola Bravo as well.

  2. etc etc ?? .. my god !.. I’ll take two !
    PS.. blah blah bl (unfinished to to empathy issues)

  3. I should correct myself in that I meant apathy.. but I’ll let it stand as it still works.. besides I don’t care.

  4. Got the ree one for my wife on Saturday. It’s her first Android phone and she seems to like it. I’m jealous because my hero is stuck on 2.1! Anyways thanks for the info ion the free phone from Radio Shack!

  5. Yeah, the Motorola Bravo is in stores as well. I saw it in the AT&T Store today.

  6. Thanks for the info.

    I hope HTC will pick up that idea.
    An HTC Desire HD with 2 carriers would be a massive hit.

  7. I suppose they’ve decided to exclude Flash 10.1 on this?? Looking at the specs it only says HTML

  8. i just got the optimus s today and it seems ok. i got it at raido shack… phone was free but they charged sales tax for it so the free phone cost like $35… then $55 for something else, but it was still all under $100.. decent for the bind that i was in as i needed a cheap android phone. aside from having 2.2 i still personally like my moto cliq better… something i didnt take into consideration is putting a business card in the same pocket as my phone and that card gets between the screen and keyboard and sliced the ribbon cable. i never expected something like that to happen. my cliq was still in 10/10 condition and i was patiently awaiting that 2.1 update.. gotta sit back and laugh sometimes

  9. i mistyped radio* shack

  10. nice site…… i m satisfy with information.

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