Nov 7th, 2010

Ok, that’s it. The nerd rage cometh! It looks like SyFy is the latest station to give Google TV the middle finger, and block service to those using that device. Now, I know SyFy belongs to NBC, which I know has already blocked their network; but what the hell?! Is the realization that delivering commercial laden content over the web for pennies compared to the multi-million dollar deals required to broadcast it through third parties, all while having a service to continue delivering it to a television set, too much to comprehend? Are you still butt hurt over the digital TV switch? Get over it!

If you feel the need to ask me, I would say it’s a bad move. Nerds love SyFy and Nerds also love sticking it to the man. This is a bad combination, and only serves as fuel on the fire to find a permanent work around. Dick move, guys. Time for shareholders to clean house on the board of directors, and get some young blood up there. You know, the kind of young blood that knows technology is a good thing and much more efficient than their horse drawn carriages.

[via GigaOM]

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