LG Optimus Must Find Apple Head


LG decided to go full cinematic trailer with the LG Optimus One. Can you guess who they take cryptic pot shots at? Stick around for the credits for additional lulz.

For some more LG Optimus videos, visit their YouTube channel.

[via Android Guys]

Tyler Miller

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  1. I’d recognise that turtle neck anywhere.

  2. Wow…that was insanely lame. But I should have expected that after owning the LG Incite.

  3. Hah, I doubt it’s durable enough to withstand getting shot, or falling off a motorcycle ;)

  4. Nice NewBalance shoes lol

  5. omg that asian girl was sooo hot

  6. @jb, only her legs.

  7. @G8D, yeah, her elbows were too pointy.

  8. Why does this video suck so much? but the asian girl was a nice touch. a little bit of cleavage makes any crappy movie turn to…well a less crappy movie i guess….no, no…still crappy

  9. They so should have called it Optimus Prime LOL but awesome video

  10. haha i loved the video. it’s past corny. it’s almost lame. but i really enjoyed it.

  11. Cheezy!!!

  12. only if lg put that money into making a good phone the eve with rogers sucks

  13. Wow… They spent more time making a commercial rather than making an excellent phone. No wonder they have been sucking lately…

  14. LOL @ “SJ” in the credits.

  15. I must protect thish schity. I wirl buirld schity wall. It wirl be very tarl and wrong, arl the way around schity..

  16. It was like watching a train wreck!

  17. That was painfully awful.

  18. Funny thing… the website which adress appeared in the video (applehead.com) appears to be one of the many “shady” domains with popups and a somewhat ambiguous searchmachine acting as a honeypot for people who misspell the name of a website. Not fully thought through perhaps ? ;)

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